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3 sets of screw conveyor are ready to delivery


OGEM three sets of screw conveyor  are finished and ready to delivery. This three sets are purchased by our old customers.

This type of screw conveyor is model of AJSC14-48. The whole length is 16.8 meters and the motor is 15KW. OGEM screw conveyor is using explosion-proof motor to fit for outdoor working conditions.

Screw conveyor is commonly know as horizontal type and it can be used with other transport devices to finish transporting, mixing, blending etc. The design of screw conveyor is 3 meters long, with this type of design to make sure the change of spare parts easily. The impellers are abrasive to have a long using life.

OGEM screw conveyor generally used in the drilling waste management or the transportation of dry cuttings. Should you have any demand of screw conveyor, please contact us.