Centrifugal pump in drilling fluid system

In drilling fluid system, centrifugal pumps are always used to transfer drilling fluid for linear motion shale shaker,hydrocyclone desander and desilter or mud cleaners.

Drilling fluid system

Drilling fluid system is the typical 4 phase mud process system,including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge.The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in solids control system, which removes cuttings with diameter above 76μm from the drilling fluids brought up from the wells.Drilling mud desander is the second stage of solids control equipment in solids control system. It is mainly used to take away the solids with diameter ranging from 47 to 76 μm from the formerly treated fluids.Desilter is the third stage of solids control equipment in solids control system. Decanter centrifuge is the solids control equipment which used to separate the solids from volumes of liquid that contain solid particles.

Centrifugal pump used as mud pump

OGEM Solids Control SB Series centrifugal pump is used for transporting drilling mud. It can be used as feeding pump for drilling mud desander, drilling mud desilter, or used as mixing pump for Jet Mud Mixer. Also it can be used as trip pump and supercharging pump for rig mud pump.Usually, these pumps are horizontal one. They’ll be mounted on mud tanks ends or under the slant plate of shaker tank. When we set pumps under shaker tank will save much space. However, then it will be inconvenient when we repair or inspect pumps.But sometimes in solids control system there will be vertical pump or submersible slurry pump instead of horizontal pumps.

Drilling fluids flow into the shale shaker directly after it returns to the surface of the well, and the solids that are removed by the screen would be dischanged out of the tank, and the drilling fluids with smaller solids would flow through the screen into mud tank for further purification. A centrifugal pump would sucks the shaker-treated fluids up to the desilter or mud cleaner for further purification. And vertical slurry pump is used to pump the drilling fluids up to the centrifuge,and mud pump would pump the drilling fluids from mud tank into the borehole after it is treated by centrifuge.

Drilling Mud Centrifugal Pump Supplier from China

The introduction of Centrigugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump.It is the ideal equipment providing power to desander,desilter,mud mixing pump.It also can be used as feeding pump and trip pump.Its design and configuration ensure the matched equipments work best.Most parts are interchangable provide convenience.

Oilfield centrifugal pump

OGEM SB Series Centrigugal Pump

OGEM Solids Control  production of centrifugal pump is for oil field drilling fluid new supporting pump . The impeller is specially designed to have a wider flow pass and smooth vanes , with larger flow area and smooth fluid pass , making the pump efficiency and energy saving , 10 % higher than similar products .

The benefits of OGEM Series  Contrifugal Pump

1. Adopt international advanced level of high wear – resistant hard alloy mechanical seal , has a long service life . And auxiliary seal use packing seal , to prevent accidents .
2. Imported bearing ensure the centrifugal pump running time is long and stable running .
3. Bearing used lubricating oil and lubricating grease two lubricating ways , the service life is greatly lengthened .
4. Use more thick pump shell , passage shape is more reasonable , the turbulence is reduced to the minimum than conventional .
5. Pump body with open structure , installation , repair and maintenance more convenient .
Impeller6. 、flow components adopt high wear resistant cast iron , guarantee the abrasion , corrosion resistance , life is improves by 50%.



China manufacturer OGEM Solids Control offer the world with drilling mud centrifugal pump machine.Our factory and company are Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 certified.OGEM Solids Control operate international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales,service,manufacturing,distribution serivce.Buy drilling cuttings centrifugal pump from China manufacturer.China leading technology,100% Quality Control,Best pirce,Reliable service.Your best centrifugal pump deal starts here.

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Professional Solid Control from China

Introduction of Solid Control

Solids control is a technique used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs. Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost as well as the overall cost of boring can be reduced dramatically when proper solids control techniques are utilized.


These facts were recognized in the oil industry in the late 19th century when open earthen pits were used to separate the cuttings from the borehole. This was accomplished by a series of weirs and settling pits that allowed the solids to naturally settle out by using gravity.

The clean mud then flowed into a suction pit to be re-pumped down the hole. This was the first solids control technique ever used.

The next innovation in solids control came when the shale shaker was introduced in the early 1930s for the oil industry. The shale shakers were derived from technology used in the mining industry. The shale shaker remains today the primary piece of solids control equipment utilized in the industry.

Another machine borrowed from the mining industry in the 1930s was the cone classifier or hydrocyclone. The basic principle of this device involves the centripetal forces brought about by the high velocity of the drilling fluid spinning in the cone, forcing the larger and heavier solids to settle outward toward the cyclone wall and downward toward the underflow solids discharge. Together with the shale shaker, hydrocyclones have become an integral part of today’s solid control system.


OGEM Solid Control 

1. Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Equipment Make Co., Ltd (Short for: OGEM Equipment). OGEM is an integrated company specialized on design, produce, and sales mud process equipments and system

2. OGEM Equipment main application is O & G drilling solids control, HDD or trenchless mud recycling, CSM drilling fluid system, shielding mud process, slurry separation unit, pilling mud circulation, etc various mud process or solid separation industry.

3. OGEM products including shale shaker, high speed vibrating screen, mud cleaner, hydrocyclone desander/desilter, vacuum degasser/gas buster, drilling mud decanter centrifuge, drilling mud centrifugal pump, mud mixing pump, mud agitator/mixer, poor boy degasser/mud gas separator, flare igniter, shearing pump, submersible slurry pump, mud gun, mud tank, spare parts for mud equipments and system.

4. We have got ISO9001:2008 certificate. We produce and manage strictly according to ISO9001 standard. Pursue better result, from getting raw material to delivering complete products OGEM will give clients reliable quality, professional service, optimal solution.

5. OGEM set credit standing and quality as our root. We treat “Solidarity, Innovation, Pragmatism, Integrity” as company tenet and promote it among all staff. Customers’ satisfaction is OGEM ultimate aim. Please trust OGEM Equipment will cooperate with you on lasting mutual benefit basis.


OGEM Superiority

  • Professional for mud process
  • Experienced engineer on solids control
  • Customer-oriented principle
  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • ISO Certified company
  • Effective after-sale service

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Supply Drilling Mud Centrifugal Pump from China

Brief Introduction of Centrifugal Pump

centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for Desander 、Desilter and Jet Mud Mixer for solids control equipment . Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump .

The pump adopts the axial suction structure, horizontal or vertical structure, composed of a motor, a pump seat, a pump shell, an impeller etc., using shear coupling (horizontal pump) or plum coupling (vertical) connection, mechanical or combined sealing structure, the main vice impeller combination.

Oilfield centrifugal pump

Benefits of OGEM SB Series  Centrifugal Pump 

Centrifugal pump of OGEM Equipment design and configuration ensure the matched equipments work best.OGEM centrigugal pump adopts mechanical seal.Most parts are interchangeable provide convenience.

1.Open impeller design can make high efficiency,and reasonale structure.

2.The bearings are  from famous brand which is easier to be interchangebale.

3.Mechanical seals are made from hard alloy.

4.Can be used in various terrible environments.

Drilling  mud cleaner centrifugal pump

OGEM SB Series technical parameters      

More need can contact us.                                                                                  

Model Motor Flow rate Head Efficiency Shaft Power NPSH Frequency
SB8x6-14 75Kw 320m3/h 40m 65% 53.63 5 50HZ
SB8x6-12 355m3/h 43m 66% 59.5 4.8 60HZ
SB 8×6-13 55Kw 290m3/h 33m 64% 40.7 5.5
SB 6X5-12 196m3/h 48m 61% 42 3 60HZ
SB 6×5-13 45Kw 180m3/h 34m 60% 27.8 3 50HZ
SB 5×4-14 149m3/h 61m 58% 42.7 4.6 60HZ
SB 6×5-12 37Kw 160m3/h 30m 60% 22 3 50HZ
SB 5×4-12 112m3/h 45m 58% 23.7 4.6 60HZ
SB 6×5-11 30Kw 200m3/h 21m 62% 18.5 2.5 50HZ
SB 5×4-11 112m3/h 37m 57% 19.8 4.6 60HZ
SB 5×4-12 22Kw 90m3/h 30m 56% 13.1 4.5 50HZ
SB 5×4-10 105m3/h 30m 57% 15.1 4.2 60HZ
SB 5×4-11 18.5Kw 90m3/h 24m 56% 10.5 4.5 50HZ
SB 4×3-12 55m3/h 46m 48% 14.4 4 60HZ
SB 4×3-13 15Kw 50m3/h 40m 48% 11.3 4.5 50HZ
SB 4×3-11 54m3/h 35m 47% 10.9 4 60HZ
SB 4×3-12 11Kw 45m3/h 30m 47% 7.8 4 50HZ
SB 3×2-12 28m3/h 45m 40% 8.6 3.1 60HZ
SB 3×2-12 7.5Kw 45m3/h 24m 46% 6.4 4 50HZ
SB 3×2-11 25m3/h 35m 41% 5.8 3.1 60HZ
SB 3×2-11 5.5Kw 20m3/h 23m 39% 3.2 3 50HZ

Drilling Mud Cleaner Centrifugal Pump in O&G field

Drilling Mud Cleaner Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is important mud equipment among oil drilling fluid process or solids control system. It is essential assistant device for whole drilling mud system.

Oilfield centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump types

Centrifugal pump includes the horizontal centrifugal pump, the vertical centrifugal pump. As per other specs, including mechanical pump and oil seal pump; then there is also open type impeller pump, semi-open impeller centrifugal pump, closed impeller centrifugal pump.

According to function or applications, in mud system, there will be mud cleaner pump, or called feeding/transfer pump, trip pump, mixing pump, shearing pump, centrifuge pump, etc.


Mud cleaner pump requirements

We know mud cleaner is combined with desander cone and desilter separator. For both parts or hydrocyclones we need centrifugal pump provide sufficient power, drilling fluid and pressure to ensure high performance mud process or solids control.

Commonly, we need centrifugal pump must provide 100% or 125% capacity of whole drilling fluid flow maximum capacity while drilling oil well. This will provide sufficient feeding capacity and pressure. Realize drilling mud purification by mud cleaner.

Furthermore, the mud cleaner centrifugal pump should be better set on either tank ends. This save much mud tank effective capacity and provide convenient repair/maintenance. All most solids control professionals suggest mechanical seal mud cleaner pump.

In oil drilling fluids system, mud cleaner centrifugal pump motor is explosion proof type. This will be safer to operator and working environment. But for other water drilling, HDD, etc. industry, they just request common motor.

Above information are main requirements on mud cleaner pumps. But different clients and different well drilling condition, or drilling mud property will require differential specifications. We usually, match centrifugal pump for mud cleaner with horizontal type pump. If requested, also can match vertical type pump to save more space for clients.

SB Drilling mud centrifugal(1)

mud cleaner centrifugal pump producer

As we said, centrifugal pump is one kind of mud equipment. It also can be divided into solids control equipment. Almost, all mud flow will be under centrifugal pump power and come to complete fluids circulation system.

Mud cleaner centrifugal pump will be produced by majority solids control equipment producer. Also, there will be professional manufacturer specialized on centrifugal pump, such as NOV Brandt Mission pump, OGEM SB pump, KOXN, WPC, etc.


If you have any interest or question on mud cleaner centrifugal pump just contact OGEM Equipment freely. We’ll do our utmost to serve you.

Drilling mud tanks system from China

Drilling mud tanks system is the fluids process system completely with mud equipments and all tanks configuration. Following is some information on our high quality drilling mud tanks system.

Another HDD fluids system

Drilling fluid sytem description

For drilling mud tanks system we can use it in various drilling. The different well drilling conditions will request different fluids system.

Drilling fluid system including mud tanks system, the mud process equipments. All pipelines and electrical lines, cables, and all accessory parts. Such as the ladders, hand rail, guard rail, etc.

Fluids system equipment mainly is shale shaker, hydro cyclone separators, centrifuge decanter, centrifugal pumps, and fluid mixers/agitators.


Mud tanks detail

What is the mud tanks detail then? Actually, we need almost fluid system include shaker tank, active, storage tank or mixing tank. Sometimes, there will be also the trip tank, pill tank, and swab or test tank

The mud tanks are different size or dimension. It depends on whole mud tanks system capacity or flow mud pump flow rate. Whole mud system including different phases and process steps. We need to calculate all information in detail

So usually the single mud tank effective volume or capacity including 20m3 and less, 20-40m3, then 40-70m3. Their length can be 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 15m, etc. specific requirement.

Oil rig fluid purification system

How to make high quality mud tanks sytem

High quality mud tanks system must be fabricated under professional configuration. The optimal proposal with high efficiency and low cost. Cater to clients’ specific demand and actual drilling conditions.

All the equipments and tanks should be made of high quality raw material and produced according to executive standard. Inspect all equipments and tanks completely and strictly. Ensure all pipes are connected with each other. All welding line should be sealed and plain.


where to buy high quality mud tanks system?

Of course we need to find the professional producer. Experienced manufacturer and designer on mud process, solids control leaders

?In China, USA, New Zeeland, India, Russia, etc. So many regions and thousands of manufacturers. We can seek it at Google via internet also can seek it via friends and partners maybe even our clients.

2000HP rig mud system

OGEM Equipment is also one professional manufacturer on high quality mud tanks system. Complete solids control line closed loop mud recycling or circulation.

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Oilfield solids control pumps for sale

Solids control pumps information

Solids control system in oilfield is the typical 4 phase mud process system?including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge. What is the pumps info? What is solids control pump detail?

Oilfield centrifugal pump

As per complete close loop solids control mud system, there is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separators, the mud transfer pump for charging centrifuge, the drilling fluid mixing pump for configuration, and/or the shearing pump for shredding drilling mud, the trip pump, etc. We also can say, there is horizontal pump, vertical pump, screw pump, etc.

Different equipments request different pumps as power resource or mud supplies. Meanwhile, different solids control system configuration will have different pumps position, design, or types.

Detail pump in oilfield solids control

For solids control equipments, the separated hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner we must match centrifugal pump as mud feeding pump. The centirfugal pump transfer drilling fluid to the cyclones inlet line for subsequent process.


Usually, these pumps are horizontal one. They’ll be mounted on mud tanks ends or under the slant plate of shaker tank. ?When we set pumps under shaker tank will save much space. However, then it will be inconvenient when we repair or inspect pumps.

But sometimes in solids control system there will be vertical pump or submersible slurry pump instead of horizontal pumps.

We know in solids control system, the drilling mud seems blood to our human body. While pump will be the transfer tools. They pump drilling fluid from here there between different drilling fluid tanks or compartments.

Let?s see, after mud cleaner or hydrocyclone desilter what pumps there? Yes, the 4th solids control equipment-Decanter centrifuge. For decanter centrifuge, we need pump transfer drilling fluid from desilter compartment to centrifuge input.

The drilling mud can be pumped by horizontal centrifugal pump, or the vertical centrifugal pump. We also may call it slurry submersible slurry pump. Some clients will also request the screw pump for feeding centrifuge.


In fact, during communicate with clients; we’ll propose proper pumps or configuration for them. Upon their satisfaction on both technique and cost we’ll confirm the optimal solutions on pumps and every other issue

The mixing pump and shearing pump? They have similarity. Both them are combined with centrifugal pump and another part. And they both can mix / compound drilling fluid for solids control system.


The mixing pump is including the centrifugal pump and mixing hopper, which can be venture hopper or vortex hopper.?While the solids control shearing pump including the centrifugal pump and over-head belt.

Yes, another pump is the trip pump. It is also centrifugal pump. And we set it on the trip tank. It can supplement drilling fluid for shaker or the former equipments.

Solids Control pumps manufacturer

How to get high quality oilfield solids control pumps? Where are the pumps for sale? Who is the pumps manufacturer?

Please come to OGEM. Right here you’ll get all kinds of oilfield solids control pumps. You’ll get high quality products at lower price. If you have detail requirements we’ll give you best offer with short delivery.

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HDD Mud recycling system for sale

What’s HDD?

HDD is the horizontal directional drilling. It is one kind of no dig or trenchless drilling. What is HDD mud recycling system? Many new players in drilling industry or in HDD industry don’t understand about Mud recycling system. Let?s find interesting info as below:



  • Horizontal directional drilling?is different with oil and gas drilling, water well drilling, etc. vertical drillings. So the mud process or solids control will be different also. The HDD mud process is called recycling since its point and issue is to recycle the drilling mud.


  • After processed by mud equipments, some of drilling mud will be used again and some of waste subject will be treated accordingly or delivered to certain place for other application.


  • To design HDD mud recycling system we usually consider the drilling rig size and name the mud system combine rig counter-expanding force, or based on mud pump flow rate.


100t Rig?Mud Recycling system for sale


1. At OGEM we have one 100T HDD mud recycling system for sale. The whole treating capacity is 200GPM. The main configuration is shale shaker, one mud tank, one set desilter, one slurry pump to feed shale shaker, one centrifugal feeding pump to feed desilter.

2. Furthermore, we configured mud mixing pump mounted on mud tank. The mixing hopper pump is combined with small Ventura?hopper and one 11KW centrifugal pump. The cost is about USD40000 for complete mud recycling system based on FOB Xingang, China.

3. We ever designed one 200GPM system for a client match their DRILLTOOLS rig. They are satisfied with our mud system. We know there will be many potential users on such mini mud recycling unit. Then we have finished it long time.

4. If you are interested please contact us for the latest price. Or you have any further questions just contact us freely.

Another HDD fluids system



We OGEM is a professional manufacturer on solids control, including in petroleum industry oil and gas drilling, HDD mud process, mining or exploration slurry separation, waste management, etc.

OGEM can provide mud recycling system for following HDD rig. Including 45~60T rig, 100T rig, 200T HDD rig, 300T rig, and 450T rig. We can match our mud system for Varmeer rig, DRILLTOOL rig, and etc. many brands HDD rig.?As we said just now the “T” means the extension force.

The treating capacity can be from 200GPM~500GPM. These are common configurations used in HDD industry mud process. For each system the main difference is the treating capacity. General design and configuration is similar.


who makes?HDD mud system?

As we know, there is Mud puppy, Kemtron, DFE, OGEM, FSI, etc. ?They are experienced manufacturer and almost are world famous brand.

What do you need? What detail do you request? Please feel free to contact us.

Solids control for drilling mud process system

Solids control for drilling mud process system

Nowadays, more and more drilling contractors recognize solids control?s importance to oil and gas drilling, HDD, CSM/CBM exploration, etc. How does solids control affect well drilling? Please find the following details.


cost Comparison of two oil well drilling

  • Let’s find the difference of two kinds of oil well drilling which with solids control system and without solids control. Final effect or result is main cost on the drill tools consumption, such as, drilling bit, straining beam, cylinder sleeve, piston, and valve. One well (2# well) uses mud pit contain drilling fluid, the other drilling rig (6#) uses solids control system to process drilling fluid during whole well drilling. They drill the same depth and other conditions are the same.


  • The result is: 2 well consumes 9 drilling bits, while 6 costs 6 bits. Straining beam 20 pcs for 2, 7 pcs for 6, 7 pcs cylinder sleeve for 2 well, and 4 for 6, piston for 2 is 60pcs for 6 is 25pcs, valves for 6 totally 20 sets, ?40 sets.


  • The drilling cost difference between them is about USD20000. If one well solids control performs very well, the drill speed will be much better and the drilling fluid cost will be much lower than poor solids control or drilling fluid process system.

2000HP rig mud system

well drilling Solids control effects

The solids control will separate unuseful drilling cuttings and other solid among drilling fluid. It will correct drilling mud property and keep the drilling fluid performance well.

Solids control effect to well drilling also includes hold proper gravity, density, weight, etc.

Good solids control to well drilling will let’s have good quality drilling fluid during whole well drilling. The good drilling fluid will affect well drilling much. Use good drilling fluid, the well drilling will be fast and efficient, the drilling cost will be less than those bad solids control well drilling.

During whole drilling fluid system, we’ll get good and safe drilling condition decrease even prevent blow out danger. So nowadays we take solids control is rather essential part for oil and gas well drilling, geothermal well drilling, CSM exploration, etc.

Solids control equipment affect

1. Shale shaker will filter particles larger than 76 microns approximately, the hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner will get rid of solids larger than 15 microns or the range is 15~76. Another issue is the bottom shaker screen mesh with 1st stage shale shaker.

2. The decanter centrifuge can process weighted and unweighted drilling fluid. Make drilling fluid cleaner for next drilling mud circulation.

3. The mud agitator, actually, is assistant equipment. It will keep necessary solid suspend among drilling mud, which makes drilling fluid even weight, density and viscosity. The vacuum degasser also similar with mud agitator, it is much larger than agitator also can get rid of small quantity invaded gas.

4.The mud mixing pump is another kind of equipment to mix or compound drilling fluid. It provides sufficient good property drilling mud ensure drilling fluid recalculate successfully.

Above are main solids control equipments and their effects. Others equipments will be described in other articles.

Another HDD fluids system

Solids control appliaction

We are rather familiar with oil and gas drilling fluid solids control system. Furthermore, solids control has rather wide range applications , such as HDD Mud recycling, the water well drilling, Geothermal well drilling, piling project, tunneling or pipe construction, the CSM exploration, mining industry, slurry separation, etc. But, different industries will have differential name to it. Maybe it is the drilling mud process unit, the drilling fluid purification system, drilling fluid circulation, sludge/dredged slurry separation system, etc.

In short, solids control or mud process system is more and more popular all around the world. Please contact OGEM Equipment for any further interest.


Drilling centrifugal pump for solids control

Introduction of centrifugal pump

  • Centrifugal pumps?are a sub-class of dynamic axisymmetric work-absorbing?turbomachinery.?Centrifugal pumps are used to transport liquids/fluids by the conversion of the rotational kinetic energy to the hydro dynamics energy of the liquid flow.


  • The rotational energy typically comes from an electric motor or turbine. In the typical simple case, the fluid enters the pump impeller along or near to the rotating axis and is accelerated by the impeller, flowing radically outward into a diffuser or?volute?chamber (casing), from where it exits.


  • Common uses include water, sewage, petroleum and petrochemicals. The centrifugal pumps relative with opposite function is the?water turbine that uses the potential energy of water and converts it to mechanical energy.


  • A centrifugal pump converts the input power to kinetic energy in the liquid by accelerating the liquid by a revolving device – an impeller. The most common type is the volute pump. Fluid enters the pump through the eye of the impeller which rotates at high speed. The fluid is accelerated radically outward from the pump chasing. A vacuum is created at the impellers eye that continuously draws more fluid into the pump.


  • The energy created by the pump is kinetic energy according?the Bernoulli Equation. The energy transferred to the liquid corresponds to the velocity at the edge or vane tip of the impeller. The faster the impeller revolves or the bigger the impeller is the higher will the velocity of the liquid energy transferred to the liquid be. This is described by?the Affinity Laws.



SB series centrifugal pump is the ideal equipment to provide impetus for?Desander??Desilter?and?Jet Mud Mixer. It can also be used as Charge Pump auxiliary perfusion for mud pump and Trip Pump for drilling well head. Centrifugal pump is also called sand pump. We considered completely the set equipment can work in excellent condition in the process of designing parameters).Most parts can be exchanged , with convenient operation and maintenance?less seal leakage?reliability?long life and other advantages.

Centrifugal pump from OGEM

China manufacturer OGEM Solids Control offers the world with drilling mud centrifugal pump machine. We are an exporter of companies all over the world. Our company is Quality Management System ISO 9001-2000 certified. OGEM Solids Control operates international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales, service, manufacturing, distribution service. If you want to buy drilling cuttings centrifugal pump from China, please feel free to contact OGEM solids control.

Centrifugal pumps for solids control

An oilfield solids control system needs many centrifugal pumps to sit on or in mud tanks. The types of centrifugal pumps used are sand pumps, submersible slurry pumps, shear pumps, and charging pumps. They are defined for their different functions, but their working principle is the same.



When you have any inquiry on these, please do not hesitate contact us.