How to Choose a Decanter Centrifuge for Barite Recovery

Barite, also called Baryte, or (BaSO4) is a mineral consistingof barium sulfate. As per statistic, 77% of worldbarite are used in oil and gas drilling as a weighted agent added to thedrilling fluid. It can give functions to suppress high formation pressures andprevent blowouts. Usually, for rig systems largerthan 1500HP, barite become a must adding agent.

Since barite is an expensive agent used fordrilling mud, to recover and reuse it becomes very important. And a best solution is a decanter centrifuge.


OGEM Solids Control is professional indesigning and manufacturing solids control and waste management decanter centrifuges, And OGEM has several optional decanter centrifuges for customers to choose from.

Based on characters of Barite, the diameter of Barite particle is around 7 micrometers. For recovery Barite needs a medium decanter centrifuge with rotation speed from 1600rpm to 2200rpm.

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Decanter centrifuge for drilling mud system and drilling waste management

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge has different functions when it works in different

conditions. As for oil and energy field, we usually use decanter centrifuge for drilling mud

system and drilling waste management.

Decanter Centrifuge for drilling mud system:

In drilling mud system, drilling decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of

solid phase with particle diameter ≥ 2μ m for drilling mud system. In an addition to shakers

and hydrocyclones, the use of a high-speed centrifuge has significantly contributed to the

ability of a drilling operation to reduce the amount of mud to be built and diesel/barite

additions to maintain optimum low and high gravity solids proportions.

Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Waste Management:

Decanter centrifuge as well as the high speed for separation fine solids which can meet

your applications for drilling waste management.You can use the centrifuge for polishing

the drilling fluids recovered from the Vertical Cutting Dryer and send it back to active mud tanks.

Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Waste Management

OGEM Solids Control, as a professional solids control system and decanter centrifuge

manufacturer in China, obtains much experience in designing & manufacturing all these

mud recycling system, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter,mud cleaner, centrifuge,

mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, etc. and have exported to many countries & obtain

good reputation with qualified products & superior service.

OGEM Solids Control mainly targets its products and services to

1. Drilling fluids services companies;

2. Drilling companies: oil & gas drilling companies, coalbed gas drilling companies,

horizontal directional crossing companies, themal drilling companies, water wells drilling

companies, mineral exploration companies, piling and shield construction units;

3. Rig companies: oil & gas drilling rig companies, coalbed gas and horizontal directional

drilling rig manufacture companies or sets sales companies;

4. Oil companies;

5. Oil & gas services companies;

6. Mud tank manufacturers:

7. Trading companies, other concerned equipment manufacturer in the industry, etc.


How does an oilfield decanter centrifuge work

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment and many industries. You may think it is an ordinary machine. If you know of the usage of decanter centrifuge in oil drilling field, you can know what an important role it has.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge adopts centrifugal force to separate solid particles out of drilling fluids. The working principle seems to be easy. Actually, it is a complex process. The equipment is set with electronic box generating high-speed centrifugal force, which can speed up the setting velocity of particles in fluids and make the separation of particles with different sedimentation coefficient and buoyant density. The particle discharge is finished by the propeller. Under the action of the differential gear, the screw propeller and the drum form a certain speed difference. Settled particle on the inner wall of the roller is scrapped from the cylinder wall, down by helical blade into the small end of drum, and dehydration. Finally, the particles reach to the sand discharging nozzle, and was thrown into the drum. This drilling mud process from decanter centrifuge is finished.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge is applied to separate the particles or solids with different size and density in the different density and flow speed. The exact process is hard to imagine, while it is really useful. Due to the kind of oilfield solids control equipments, drilling fluids can be changed in an optimal condition, which is good to the drilling rigs and projects.



LXJ Series Decanter Centrifuge

LXJ series of Decanting Centrifuge separate the suspending liquid using the principle of centrifugal action, the suspending liquid is pushed into the rotor drum through the inlet pipe and the fluid hole of the spiral feeder.

Under the influence of centrifugal force, solid phase particles are pushed to the internal wall of the drum, then to the nud export of the small end of the drum and excreted. But the liquid is excreted from the overflow hole of the large end. Such cycle is in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

LXJ Decanter centrifuge

Mud decanter centrifuge is typical drilling mud process equipment. It is 4th phase solids control equipment. Usually it’s set behind AJC mud cleaner or desilter. Mainly separate 2~7 microns particles. The complet conveyor and bowl will be made of S.S to provide high resistance for drilling mud.

Furthermore, according to clients’ requirement the drilling mud centrifuge can be designed as VFD type. Permits easy adjustment of bowl, conveyor, and feed pump speeds for varying process conditions and provides torque overload protection.

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New Methods of Solids Control System

Hydrocyclone desilter, mud from the bottom cyclone loss of about 2~5% economic

losses, according to the situation of production, processing a large amount of mud, the

decanter centrifuge adopt the automatic unloading continuous working style.

Which Could consider using a mechanical centrifugal realizing the solid-liquid

separation.which can minimize the mud losses. Such as centrifugal centrifuge, centrifuge,

anti jump ring vibration centrifuge, decanter centrifuge, filter control loop of spiral

centrifuge, double piston push centrifuge, hanging type automatic centrifuge, centrifuge,

centrifuge, discprecession screw unloading settling centrifuge etc.


OGEM Decanter Centrifuge Technical Parameters:


LXJ600x1500N GLXJ355x1250N GLXJ450x1258N
Bowl diameter 600mm  355mm 450mm
Speed 2600RPM  3200RPM 2800RPM
Separation factor 2268G  2035G 2191G
Separation Size 2~5μm  2~5μm 2~5μm
Main drive motor 55KW-4p
Back drive motor 15KW-4p
 7.5 KW-4p
 Treating capacity ≤90m3/h  ≤40m3/h  ≤60m3/h
 Weight 4000kg  2950kg 3000kg
Dimension 3200x1700x1800 2900x1850x1750 2950x1620x850
Model LXJ450x842N LXJ450x1000N LXJ700x1200N LXJ600x1000
Bowl diameter  450mm  450mm 700mm  600mm
Speed  1800RPM  1800RPM 1800RPM  1800RPM
Separation factor  815G  815G 1268G 860G
Separation size  5~7μm  5~7μm  5~7μm  5~7μm
Main drive motor  22KW-4p
Back drive motor  5.5 KW-4p
 7.5 KW-4p
 7.5 KW-4p
Treating capacity  ≤40m3/h  ≤60m3/h ≤90 m3/h  ≤60m3/h
Weight  2550kg  2700kg 4300kg  4580kg
Dimension 2360x1850x1750 2600x1850x1750 3250x1800x2180 2700x1880x1800

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Horizontal Spiral Sedimentation Centrifuge Working Principle

Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge has become an impotant drilling fluid solids control equipment.Now high separation factor,large capacity and high reliability are the development trend of this type centrifuge.


Horizontal Spiral Sedimentation CentrifugeDrilling fluid decanter centrifuge could remove out the unwanted particals with size of minimum 2 microns from the drilling mud. The main motor and the assistant motor respectively drive the drum and differential to rotating by belt pulley on both of the large and small end. Inner the high-speed rotating drum there is a conveyor with screw blade, and the drum supported by the bearing house.

Drum is connected with the differential shell through the hollow shaft at the left bearing,the differential output shaft drive the screw conveyor and the drum to rotate homodromously, but the speed is different, the slip speed is 0.2% to 3% of drum rotation speed.

Drilling fluid is pumped into the drum through screw conveyor. Under the effect of the centrifugal force,a circle liquid pool was formed, the heavy solids phase particles settled to the inner surface of the drum. Due to the relative motion between the drum and spiral blade, solid sediment was pushed to the small end of the drum and discharged from the slag hole. While the clean drilling fluid discharge from the overflow hole set on the large end of the drum.

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OGEM Solidscontrol system

OGEM Solidscontrol system

The drilling mud solidscontrol systems are designed and manufactured by OGEM can widely used in ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, ZJ70 system.

It is produced according to <Petroleum and natural gas environmental health and environmental management system>, which can show the spirit of OGEM solidscontrol.  The system includes shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, the total five class solidscontrol is a reasonable configuration, make the work more comfortable to keep the high efficiency and stability on the drilling.

Drilling mud tanks system


OGEM solidscontrol also design and produce HDD mud recycling system, shielding mud process system, CSM drilling fluids system, slurry separation units and so on. For drilling mud tanks system we can use it in various drilling. The different well drilling conditions will request different fluids system.

Drilling fluid system includes mud tanks system, the mud process equipments. All pipelines and electrical lines, cables, and all accessory parts. Such as the ladders, hand rail, guard rail, etc.

What is the mud tanks detail then? Actually, we need almost fluid system, including shaker tank, active, storage tank or mixing tank. Sometimes, there will be also the trip tank, pill tank, and swab or test tank.

HDD Fluids system

The mud tanks are different size or dimension. It depends on whole mud tanks system capacity or flow mud pump flow rate. Whole mud system including different phases and process steps. We need to calculate all information in detail.

So usually the single mud tank effective volume or capacity includes 20m3 and less, 20-40m3, then 40-70m3. Their length can be 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 15m, etc. specific requirement.

2000HP rig mud system

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Qualified Decander centrifuge in Mud drilling system

Decanter centrifuge has rather wide range applications. For petroleum drilling, the decanter centrifuge function is purely drilling fluid. It is a part of solids control.

Decanter centrifuge in general

Decanter centrifuge is also called decanting centrifuge or centrifuge decanter. Different clients or users will have different names on it. Its working principle is to separate different size/density/weight object after centrifuge bowl rotating at high speed.

Heavy parts will be separated or flung out of processed goods. Usually, we have two phase and three phase centrifuge. Furthermore, we have middle speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, as well as VFD high speed decanter centrifuge.


As per different working condition, we can choose differential centrifuges. Since different speed centrifuge will realize different result and achieve different performance.

Petroleum drilling mud centrifuge

Petroleum drilling means oil well drilling. Gas drilling is similar with it. When we drill oil and gas well, the drilling mud will be purified and circulated. We call this mud process system as drilling mud solids control system, fluids purification/recirculation system, etc.

For petroleum drilling, there are 4 steps solids control process or we call it 5 phase’s fluid purification system. Anyhow, for petroleum drilling mud process, it is the final step. Usually separate 2~7 microns solids out of drilling fluid.


Furthermore, for petroleum drilling mud treatment we have both weighted and unweighted fluid. Then, centrifuge selection and configuration will be not same. The well drilling depth is relative with fluid treatment.

Petroleum mud centrifuge have 3 types in total. We can classify it as large capacity centrifuge, high speed centrifuge, and barite recirculation centrifuge. They have their own features and superiority. We can adopt them at certain occasion.

Since, different drilling condition and well depth sometimes we need configure or combine different types centrifuge together to get ideal performance and save petroleum drilling cost and get more benefit.


 Where to get petroleum drilling mud centrifuge?

Get high quality centrifuge for petroleum drilling mud process, we must know the treating capacity we need and drilling mud basic information. Such as if it is weighted or unweighted? Is it including barite or not?

As much information we know we can select ideal model centrifuges. Meanwhile, we can set VFD centrifuge for clients as option. The centrifuge will be adaptable for certain range specs drilling fluid.

Upon knowing on drilling mud, former mud equipments, such as mud cleaner or desilter separator we can match best centrifuge get optimal solution. Professional manufacturer and quality is core issue.

Please contact OGEM Equipment for more info on petroleum mud decanter centrifuges. Best price, high quality, and short delivery time.


Mud decander centrifuge in Solids control

Oil & Gas drilling high speed and VFD centrifuge

Oil well drilling and gas well drilling mainly mean the petroleum drilling and natural gas drilling. They both are vertical well drilling. And the depth from 2000m/6561ft to 9000m/29527ft. Let’s find similarity and difference between high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge.

High speed decanter centrifuge

We know, centrifuge in drilling fluid process is also called decanter centrifuge, decanting centrifuge or centrifuge decanter. There are many types centrifuge as per different division way.

If according to centrifuge speed there will be low speed centrifuge, middle speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge, as well as the VFD high speed centrifuge.

High speed decanter centrifuge speed is up to 2800~3200rpm. And thanks to its speed, it can separate solids size 2~5 microns out of drilling fluid. Furthermore, high speed drilling fluid decanter centrifuge is widely used in barite recycling system.

High speed decanting centrifuge will have smaller bowl diameter to cater higher speed result. If the centrifuge bowl diameter is as long as 450mm or even longer, it can be only middle speed or low speed centrifuge.


Drilling mud VFD decanter centrifuge

VFD Decanter centrifuge means the variable frequency driven centrifuge. Almost users or players in oil and gas drilling will know that the VFD centrifuge is based on the high speed decanter centrifuge. So, we also call VFD centrifuge as VFD high speed centrifuge.

That means the VFD Centrifuge speed will be 0~3200rpm. And it will separate 2~5microns out of drilling mud same as common high speed centrifuge.

While, VFD to decanter centrifuge has two option. One is VFD for the centrifuge motors only; the other is VFD on both centrifuge motor and centrifuge feeding pump motor.

To VFD high speed centrifuge the control panel is rather important. Actually, the difference between VFD centrifuge and common high speed centrifuge is the control panel. We improve or make control panel realized VFD through one or some parts in the cabinet.

 Furthermore, if the VFD centrifuge is used in some special working condition with super high ambient temperature, we should consider match cabinet with cooling system together to ensure the safety without flame, etc.

The same features between high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge

As we said, both of them are high speed decanting centrifuge. They are widely used in oil and gas drilling. They both can get rid of 2~5microns particles. High speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge will be set after drilling mud cleaner or the desilter

Both centrifuges will be fed by pumps from cleaner/desilter compartment to centrifuge feed inlet. They have almost the same design on structure, main parts, etc.

Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

Difference between high speed and VFD centrifuge

Firstly, VFD decanter centrifuge is variable frequency or speed driven. It has more flexibility when operator or supervisor run centrifuge according to different mud property and actual working conditions.

Then, some VFD centrifuge will request feeding pumps are VFD as well.

Above information described general content on high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge.  If you need more info or you have any advice on it please let us know. We can discuss and improve together.


Professional Solid Control from China

Introduction of Solid Control

Solids control is a technique used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs. Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost as well as the overall cost of boring can be reduced dramatically when proper solids control techniques are utilized.


These facts were recognized in the oil industry in the late 19th century when open earthen pits were used to separate the cuttings from the borehole. This was accomplished by a series of weirs and settling pits that allowed the solids to naturally settle out by using gravity.

The clean mud then flowed into a suction pit to be re-pumped down the hole. This was the first solids control technique ever used.

The next innovation in solids control came when the shale shaker was introduced in the early 1930s for the oil industry. The shale shakers were derived from technology used in the mining industry. The shale shaker remains today the primary piece of solids control equipment utilized in the industry.

Another machine borrowed from the mining industry in the 1930s was the cone classifier or hydrocyclone. The basic principle of this device involves the centripetal forces brought about by the high velocity of the drilling fluid spinning in the cone, forcing the larger and heavier solids to settle outward toward the cyclone wall and downward toward the underflow solids discharge. Together with the shale shaker, hydrocyclones have become an integral part of today’s solid control system.


OGEM Solid Control 

1. Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Equipment Make Co., Ltd (Short for: OGEM Equipment). OGEM is an integrated company specialized on design, produce, and sales mud process equipments and system

2. OGEM Equipment main application is O & G drilling solids control, HDD or trenchless mud recycling, CSM drilling fluid system, shielding mud process, slurry separation unit, pilling mud circulation, etc various mud process or solid separation industry.

3. OGEM products including shale shaker, high speed vibrating screen, mud cleaner, hydrocyclone desander/desilter, vacuum degasser/gas buster, drilling mud decanter centrifuge, drilling mud centrifugal pump, mud mixing pump, mud agitator/mixer, poor boy degasser/mud gas separator, flare igniter, shearing pump, submersible slurry pump, mud gun, mud tank, spare parts for mud equipments and system.

4. We have got ISO9001:2008 certificate. We produce and manage strictly according to ISO9001 standard. Pursue better result, from getting raw material to delivering complete products OGEM will give clients reliable quality, professional service, optimal solution.

5. OGEM set credit standing and quality as our root. We treat “Solidarity, Innovation, Pragmatism, Integrity” as company tenet and promote it among all staff. Customers’ satisfaction is OGEM ultimate aim. Please trust OGEM Equipment will cooperate with you on lasting mutual benefit basis.


OGEM Superiority

  • Professional for mud process
  • Experienced engineer on solids control
  • Customer-oriented principle
  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • ISO Certified company
  • Effective after-sale service

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