Considerations and Maintenance of Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner is secondary and tertiary of drilling mud solids control equipment, it is the                                                                               cyclone mud desander and mud desilter cyclone and underflow vibrating screen, three to one. Mud cleaner structure is compact, small footprint area, powerful, is to secondary and tertiary drilling mud solids control equipment the ideal choice for efficient cleaner. Mud cleaner by the sewage pump, cyclone desander, vibrating screen, connect the hose assembly.

The drilling mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function associated with detached demander and desalted. In addition to the sensible design process, it colleagues another shale shaker screen mud cleaner features is compact, it inhabits small space and the function is influential. Mud cleaner is the ideal maneuver of the second class and the third class hard control to treat the boring mud.

Considerations on how to use mud cleaner:
1. The use of the polyurethane cyclone temperature greater than 80 ℃, the lowest not less than 30 ℃.
2. The cyclone feeding solid particles in the biggest be less than 1/10 of the feed mouth narrow edge width, such as more coarse particle should screen out in advance;
3. Often visited sand pump feed, equipment, hydrocyclone grit mouth is abnormal, and so on and so forth.

Maintenance fit how to use mud cleaner:
1, clean the vortex tube after the usage and remove the bottom block sand;
2, cleaning sieve and timely replacement of the damaged screen;
3, the eccentric shaft bearing lubrication and maintenance once a week.

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Versatility and Reliability of Drilling Mud Cleaner

In most drilling operations, a mud cleaner is installed in its drilling fluid tanks. It is usually located in a mud tank in the same location as with the desilters. the application of mud cleaner The application of the mud cleaner is to remove drilled solids larger than barite. Solids smaller than 76 micrometers can be removed by the mud cleaner before the viscosity builds up. 

Mud cleaner can effectively control weighted drilling fluid solid content. Versatility of OGEM Solids Control Mud Cleaner compact, patented, multi-functional drilling fluid mud cleaners are designed to be operated as double-deck drying shaker/mud cleaner or double-deck flow line shaker. It is the 2nd or 3rd solilds control equipment. The built in multi-functional feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.

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Drilling Fluid Mud Cleaner Working Principle and Advantages

As one of the important equipment for solid liquid separation system, the drilling mud cleaner, also called desander and desilter assembly, mainly consists of three parts including desander, desilter and the underflowscreen. It can achieve separation of two stage with the hydrocyclone mounted over the shale shaker. Compared with the independent desander and desilter, the product has much higher working efficiency. Same as the shale shaker in function, the equipment is designed rationally with compact structure, small volume and powerful performance.

Drilling fluids mud cleaner working principle

It is the second or third stage separation equipment of drilling liquid, which will deal with the mud after being treated by the first grade separation equipment. The barite will be recovered and cuttings which are bigger than barite will be removed. Then the barite in the underflow will flow into circulation tanks through the screens when the weighted mud passes while the particles that are bigger than mesh will be removed.

Drilling fluids mud cleaner Advantages

1.Environmentally Efficient The OGEM Solids Control mud cleaner provides efficient removal of sand and silt particles between 12 and 76 microns. Removing and drying drilled solids helps meet environmental regulations by minimizing waste generated and reducing disposal cost.

2.High Performance installed with 1-3 10″ desander cones processing 500gpm respectively and with 8-20 desilter cones which each one can process 80gpm, the ogem mud cleaner can make a separation between 12 and 76 microns.

3.Versatility: OGEM’s compact,multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be combined with desander, desilter and an Underflow shale shake. The equipment in multi-functional feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit.

4.Extends Equipment Life, The mud cleaner helps minimize maintenance, repair and replacement of downstream equipment.

5.Reduces Operating Cost, The mud cleaner reduces sand and silt-size particles and saves liquid, thus reducing mud cost, chances of stuck pipe and lost circulation and improving rate of penetration.

6.Reduces Disposal Cost, The mud cleaner minimizes waste generated thus reducing disposal cost.

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Mud cleaner manufactured for Malaysia Oil drilling company

What is my feeling about that? Firstly, I’d like introduce some original story about the whole thing.Just couples of weeks ago, my colleague concluded one order about Mud cleaner AJQ603. The mud cleaner was designed for an Malaysia petroleum drilling company

They requested the mud cleaner holds treating capacity as 240m3/h. In order to cater for the requriements we designed as following:

2x 10″ desander cone and 12x 4″ desilter cone;                                                                                      We use 200 mesh Brandt Cobra shale shaker screen;                                                                        Total screen area is 2.4m2(25.8 ft2), 3pcs Rigid Frame PT Panel fine shaker screens;                Vibration motor: 2×1.5kw Italy Oli vibration motor.                                                                                        It is Quick Release Hammer which is used wedges to fix the screen.                                                     High “G” force motor: ≤7.0G.


From the communication beginning to the conclusion. My colleague took only 3 weeks. The clients appreciated her and our company design. And he is satified with our professional ability and experience.

Of course, the petroleum drilling company is not our first client in Malaysia. So he is also happy and trusting our reliability and quality.

Moreover, the underflow shaker screen is quick release hammer type. This is also highly appreciated by client. Since it saves more time and it holds same shaker screens as Nov Brandt.

In short, this mud cleaner is our another successful case. Thanks to my colleague’s wisdom and our qualified goods.and I shall and must learn from her. So, Hurry up!!!

Welecome to contact us about our drilling mud solids control equipment and the related spare parts.

How well drilling mud cleaner work?

How well drilling mud cleaner work?

Mud cleaner is one equipment separate useless particle or drilling cuttings out of drilling fluid. During whole well drilling, to ensure good drilling performance and well condition we need equipments process drilling mud.


Mud equipments for well drilling

Actually, every kind of well drilling will request mud treatment equipment. Such as O&G drilling, CSM, HDD, water well, geothermal well, etc. What are exact equipments for mud process?

Strictly speaking, including mud pump, solids control equipments/system. Detail is shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, degassers, mixing pump, mud tanks, etc. Mud pumps provide power and motivate.

How mud cleaner work?

Let’s introduce mud cleaner in details. Mud cleaner is combination of 2nd and 3rd phase solids control. Usually, it will be set behind vacuum degasser or shale shaker subsequently.

Mud cleaner includes hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and bottom shaker. On mud cleaner there are desander hydrocyclones, desilter cones. These cones are fit on pipeline, which contains feed inlet and discharge output.


After drilling mud processed by shale shaker (and gas buster) centrifugal feeding pump will transfer drilling fluid from shaker compartment to desander cone inlet. At this time, drilling fluid is under centrifugal pump pressure. It has sufficient power to flow arround hydrocyclone. Finally, the solid larger than 74 microns will be discharged out of drop in Apex.

Clean fluid flow to desander compartment through desander cone discharge output. Then SB series centrifugal pump transfer drilling mud from desander compartment to desilter feed inlet.  Drilling fluid in desilter cone has same process principle and process as desander.

The processed mud will down to desilter compartment. This part drilling fluid is to be processed by decanter centrifuge. The particle in this department is mainly less than 12 microns.


More info about mud cleaner

Almost all mud cleaners work same. They have same theory and principle. Mud cleaner is important equipment for drilling mud solids control system. There are many manufacturers in USA, China, Russia, etc, such as Derrick, Fluids system, OGEM Equipment and NOV Brandt, etc.

If you are interested or you have any question on mud cleaners please contact us freely.


Drilling fluid solidscontrol Mud cleaner


Dilling fluid solids control mud cleaner, is the second class and third class solids control equipment in the drilling mud process system, it includes the desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone, underflow trough, drilling fluid shale shaker, bracket and base.

ajnj mud cleaner_conew1

A mud is fed to the inlet of the hydrocyclone (desander and/or desilter) to separate particles and the underflow passes to the fine screen mesh where in particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a mud cleaner is installed in its mud systems. It is usually located in a mud tank in the same location as with the desilters.


Its characteristics lies in the desander and desilter main into the pipe and the liquid between a control butterfly valve, the base is equipped with the chute, the vibrating screen is located on the chute, cyclone with automatic sand control device and bottom adjusting device.

Apply the new structure is compact, easy to use, easy maintenance, reliable operation, can quickly remove harmful solid phase of drilling fluid, improve drilling fluid performance, to meet the requirements of the new technology of high pressure jet drilling.



The purpose of the mud cleaner is to remove drilled solids larger than barite. Solids larger than 74-105 micrometres can be removed by the mud cleaner before the viscosity builds up. Mud cleaner can effectively control weighted drilling fluid solid content. Prevent differential pressure sticking, adhesion stuck drill accident, reduce the drill string and the filter cake thichness on bond issues.

Mud cleaner is characterized by cyclone group by 1, 3 high wear-resistant polyurethane and 8-16 desander hydrocyclone high wear-resistant polyurethane cyclone are arranged combination, the overflow pipe and the feeding tube diameter is larger, the cone Angle smaller; Mortar to institutions with a center shaft fixed together can tilt the metal tank to control the flow of slurry; Circular permutation group of hydrocyclone used with rectangular recovery of vibrating screen.



Due to the above characteristics of the utility model are enhanced ability to deal with mud slurry, drilling cuttings could improve the separation efficiency, simple structure, low cost, esay move, install and use is very convenient.

It’s the ideal device of the second and third solids control system. When you need, just contact !

Professional Solid Control from China

Introduction of Solid Control

Solids control is a technique used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs. Drilling fluid maintenance cost, clean up, and disposal cost as well as the overall cost of boring can be reduced dramatically when proper solids control techniques are utilized.


These facts were recognized in the oil industry in the late 19th century when open earthen pits were used to separate the cuttings from the borehole. This was accomplished by a series of weirs and settling pits that allowed the solids to naturally settle out by using gravity.

The clean mud then flowed into a suction pit to be re-pumped down the hole. This was the first solids control technique ever used.

The next innovation in solids control came when the shale shaker was introduced in the early 1930s for the oil industry. The shale shakers were derived from technology used in the mining industry. The shale shaker remains today the primary piece of solids control equipment utilized in the industry.

Another machine borrowed from the mining industry in the 1930s was the cone classifier or hydrocyclone. The basic principle of this device involves the centripetal forces brought about by the high velocity of the drilling fluid spinning in the cone, forcing the larger and heavier solids to settle outward toward the cyclone wall and downward toward the underflow solids discharge. Together with the shale shaker, hydrocyclones have become an integral part of today’s solid control system.


OGEM Solid Control 

1. Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Equipment Make Co., Ltd (Short for: OGEM Equipment). OGEM is an integrated company specialized on design, produce, and sales mud process equipments and system

2. OGEM Equipment main application is O & G drilling solids control, HDD or trenchless mud recycling, CSM drilling fluid system, shielding mud process, slurry separation unit, pilling mud circulation, etc various mud process or solid separation industry.

3. OGEM products including shale shaker, high speed vibrating screen, mud cleaner, hydrocyclone desander/desilter, vacuum degasser/gas buster, drilling mud decanter centrifuge, drilling mud centrifugal pump, mud mixing pump, mud agitator/mixer, poor boy degasser/mud gas separator, flare igniter, shearing pump, submersible slurry pump, mud gun, mud tank, spare parts for mud equipments and system.

4. We have got ISO9001:2008 certificate. We produce and manage strictly according to ISO9001 standard. Pursue better result, from getting raw material to delivering complete products OGEM will give clients reliable quality, professional service, optimal solution.

5. OGEM set credit standing and quality as our root. We treat “Solidarity, Innovation, Pragmatism, Integrity” as company tenet and promote it among all staff. Customers’ satisfaction is OGEM ultimate aim. Please trust OGEM Equipment will cooperate with you on lasting mutual benefit basis.


OGEM Superiority

  • Professional for mud process
  • Experienced engineer on solids control
  • Customer-oriented principle
  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • ISO Certified company
  • Effective after-sale service

Any solid control equipment need, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our utmost to serve you.

Drilling mud tanks system from China

Drilling mud tanks system is the fluids process system completely with mud equipments and all tanks configuration. Following is some information on our high quality drilling mud tanks system.

Another HDD fluids system

Drilling fluid sytem description

For drilling mud tanks system we can use it in various drilling. The different well drilling conditions will request different fluids system.

Drilling fluid system including mud tanks system, the mud process equipments. All pipelines and electrical lines, cables, and all accessory parts. Such as the ladders, hand rail, guard rail, etc.

Fluids system equipment mainly is shale shaker, hydro cyclone separators, centrifuge decanter, centrifugal pumps, and fluid mixers/agitators.


Mud tanks detail

What is the mud tanks detail then? Actually, we need almost fluid system include shaker tank, active, storage tank or mixing tank. Sometimes, there will be also the trip tank, pill tank, and swab or test tank

The mud tanks are different size or dimension. It depends on whole mud tanks system capacity or flow mud pump flow rate. Whole mud system including different phases and process steps. We need to calculate all information in detail

So usually the single mud tank effective volume or capacity including 20m3 and less, 20-40m3, then 40-70m3. Their length can be 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 15m, etc. specific requirement.

Oil rig fluid purification system

How to make high quality mud tanks sytem

High quality mud tanks system must be fabricated under professional configuration. The optimal proposal with high efficiency and low cost. Cater to clients’ specific demand and actual drilling conditions.

All the equipments and tanks should be made of high quality raw material and produced according to executive standard. Inspect all equipments and tanks completely and strictly. Ensure all pipes are connected with each other. All welding line should be sealed and plain.


where to buy high quality mud tanks system?

Of course we need to find the professional producer. Experienced manufacturer and designer on mud process, solids control leaders

?In China, USA, New Zeeland, India, Russia, etc. So many regions and thousands of manufacturers. We can seek it at Google via internet also can seek it via friends and partners maybe even our clients.

2000HP rig mud system

OGEM Equipment is also one professional manufacturer on high quality mud tanks system. Complete solids control line closed loop mud recycling or circulation.

If you have any interest or demand please come to us for best price, high quality and shortest delivery.


Linear Motion Mud Cleaner for Drilling Mud

Introduction of Mud Cleaner

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solid control equipment which are combined from desander , desilter and underflow screen to treat the drilling fluid . It occupys small space and the function is powerful , mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.

AJNJ Mud cleaner

How to use the Mud Cleaner

The integrated cleaner can integrate a group of desander and desilter on one shale shaker , the drilling fluid firstly pass the desander or desilter for separation , with overflow returning to the circulatory system and the bottom flow screened and treated by the shale shaker , if necessary , the shale shaker of the integrated cleaner could be used as the forestage shale shaker .

1. The mud cleaner main body structure used on the two block layout , cyclone desander , desilter arrangement on the upper base is provided with a chute , chute arranged on shale shaker , which has the advantage of compact structure , occupies small space area .
2. The desander and desilter main inlet pipe and outlet pipe are arranged between the control valve, can adjust the desander and desilter work quantity, simple operation, easy maintenance .
3. The cyclone mixer is made of wear- resistant special polyurethane material , which has good performance in fluid erosion resistance .
4. The feeding port tangential feeding and smooth transition , beneficial for improved separation efficiency .Inside surface smooth and rational flow channel .
5. Cyclone desander , cyclone desilter are equipped with automatic sand plugging device and bottom outlet adjusting device .
6. According to user needs to configure different number of cyclone for desander and desilter .

OGEM Solids Control Equipment used at home and abroad the most advanced mud cleaner production process, to ensure that the production of powerful, compact structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance of drilling fluid mud cleaner.

More infos can contact us with no hesitate.

High Quality Mud Cleaner in Oilfield from China


What is mud cleaner?

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. OGEM drilling mud cleaner are combined from Desander, Desilter and an Underflow Screen, The mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupy small space and the function is powerful.

Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.?In oilfield solids control, drilling mud cleaners are very efficient for?oil gas well drilling?mud purification system. Mud Cleaners are one of the important equipments for solids liquid separation system.

Oilfield Mud cleaner

AJQ Series Mud Cleaner Technical Parameters






Treating capacity





Desilter cone

?4″(8~20 EA)

?4″(10~16 EA)

?4″(4~12 EA)

? 4″(4~10 EA)

Desander cone

? 10″(1~3 EA)

?10″(1~2 EA)

? 8″(1~2 EA)

?8″(1~2 EA)

Feed inlet





Discharge output





Feeding pump motor

? 45~75KW

? 45~55KW



Bottom shaker





Vibration mode

Linear motion

Vibration motor

? 2?1.5KW




Screen area


? 2.05m2

? 2.2m2


Screen panel






Hydrocyclone quantity decides treating capacity. 4? cone =15~20m3/h, 8? cone=60~90m3/h, 10? cone=90~120m3/h

Introduction of OGEM Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner?is a normal model of our company; we can design customized cost-effective mud cleaner for customer?s special needs. Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

AJQ series drilling fluid mud cleaner including desander, desilter, pressure gauge, underflow discharge, shale shaker, support and pedestal. There is butterfly valve between feeding inlet and discharge output. The mud cleaner have all AJS shaker benefits.

ajnj mud cleaner_conew1

Mud cleaner structure is compact , high efficient equipment. It is your ideal choice for drilling mud process.

Any need for high quality mud cleaner, please feel free to contact us and we?ll try our best to serve you.