Supply Screw Pump for Solids Control from China

The introduction of Screw Pump

The single screw pump is an ideal pump for feeding to the decanter centrifuge without shearing or agitating the drilling mud.The main parts are screw shaft(rotor)and screw shaft bushing(stator).Because of the special geometry shape of the two parts,they form pressurize capacity separately.The fluids flow along with the shaft,inner flow speed is low,capacity remains,pressure is steady,so it will never generate vortex and agitating.The single screw pump is made from stainless steel,we OGEM can produce it with complete stainless steel body by customers’ requirements.

The speed can be controlled by coupler or variable speed motor,drive by triangle V-belt,gear box,etc.A series screw pump is with less accessories,compact structure,small space,easy maintenance,rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump,it is convenient to be replaced.

The stator is made of elastomeric material,so it has more advantages than other pumps to transfer the fluids of high viscosity and hard suspended particles.


OGEM Solids Control Single Screw Pump

OGEM equipment can supply the single screw pump with the best quality and reasonable price.the single screw pump technical parameters as fellow:

Model          Flow             Pressure        Max Speed       Motor         Inlet             Outlet

AJL20-5.5    20m³/h         3Bar               210RPM            5.5KW     80mm         80mm

AJL30-7.5   30m³/h         3Bar                258RPM            7.5KW     100mm      100mm

AJL40-11     40m³/h        3Bar               252RPM             11KW       125mm      125mm

AJL50-11     50m³/h        3Bar                273RPM            11KW        125mm      125mm

AJL60-15   60m³/h          3Bar                225RPM            15KW       125mm       125mm

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