How to choose right Mud solids control equipment?

Cones (Hydrocyclone) 

Cones also called hydrocyclone. It is depending on the size of the mud solids control system you choose, the cone size will either be 4, 5, 10 or 12 inch.The size of 4″and 10″ are popular size in this field.


Each size cone has a micron cut point, which is the size of the smallest particle that the cone can pull out. The 4″ and 5″ cones have a micron cut of 20 microns and the 10″ and 12″ have a 74 micron cut.

Hydrocyclone cones process the drilling fluid at a rate of 50-75GPM with the 4″ cones,400-528GPM with the 10″ cones. Cones need pressure to work properly. A normal operating pressure range for 4″ and 5″ cones is 30 to 40 psi(0.2-0.3MPA), 10″ and 12″ cones is 23 to 35 psi(0.16-0.25MPA).


The materials of cones(hydrocyclone) is high quality polyurethane.It is longer using life,but it is still is wearing parts.


If you have specially requirements,should be ask to supplier.


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