Horizontal Spiral Sedimentation Centrifuge Working Principle

Horizontal spiral sedimentation centrifuge has become an impotant drilling fluid solids control equipment.Now high separation factor,large capacity and high reliability are the development trend of this type centrifuge.


Horizontal Spiral Sedimentation CentrifugeDrilling fluid decanter centrifuge could remove out the unwanted particals with size of minimum 2 microns from the drilling mud. The main motor and the assistant motor respectively drive the drum and differential to rotating by belt pulley on both of the large and small end. Inner the high-speed rotating drum there is a conveyor with screw blade, and the drum supported by the bearing house.

Drum is connected with the differential shell through the hollow shaft at the left bearing,the differential output shaft drive the screw conveyor and the drum to rotate homodromously, but the speed is different, the slip speed is 0.2% to 3% of drum rotation speed.

Drilling fluid is pumped into the drum through screw conveyor. Under the effect of the centrifugal force,a circle liquid pool was formed, the heavy solids phase particles settled to the inner surface of the drum. Due to the relative motion between the drum and spiral blade, solid sediment was pushed to the small end of the drum and discharged from the slag hole. While the clean drilling fluid discharge from the overflow hole set on the large end of the drum.

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