How does an oilfield decanter centrifuge work

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment and many industries. You may think it is an ordinary machine. If you know of the usage of decanter centrifuge in oil drilling field, you can know what an important role it has.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge adopts centrifugal force to separate solid particles out of drilling fluids. The working principle seems to be easy. Actually, it is a complex process. The equipment is set with electronic box generating high-speed centrifugal force, which can speed up the setting velocity of particles in fluids and make the separation of particles with different sedimentation coefficient and buoyant density. The particle discharge is finished by the propeller. Under the action of the differential gear, the screw propeller and the drum form a certain speed difference. Settled particle on the inner wall of the roller is scrapped from the cylinder wall, down by helical blade into the small end of drum, and dehydration. Finally, the particles reach to the sand discharging nozzle, and was thrown into the drum. This drilling mud process from decanter centrifuge is finished.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge is applied to separate the particles or solids with different size and density in the different density and flow speed. The exact process is hard to imagine, while it is really useful. Due to the kind of oilfield solids control equipments, drilling fluids can be changed in an optimal condition, which is good to the drilling rigs and projects.




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