Brief Introduction of Oilfield Drilling Mud Desilter

Oilfield drilling mud desilter

Oilfield drilling desilter is the third stage of oilfield solids control equipment.In oilfield solids control system,the solids with diameter ranging from 12 to 47 μm are to be separated from the rest,which will go through further processing.

Oilfield drilling desilter in mud cleaner

Oilfield drilling desander and oilfield drilling desilter are combined as mud cleaner Drilling mud is fed to the inlet of the desander hydrocyclone and desilter hydrocyclone to separate particles and the underflow passes to the fine screen mesh where in particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operation, oilfield mud cleaner is usually located in mud tank.Oilfield drilling mud cleaner is the best choices for small oilfield solids control system for HDD,CBM, water well drilling, mining exploration industry etc.

Drilling Mud Desilter Advantage

1. 100% Polyurethane(PU) material to make desilter cones to extend its service life
2. Clamp type for easy maintenance
3. Compact design small in footprint
4. Flexible options for 8 or 10,12,16 for different capacities
5. Flexible fast connection is available for user to assemble.

Solids control equipment is used in oilfield drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface. Oilfield solid control equipment is consist ofoilfield shale shakervacuum degasser, oilfield desander, oilfield desilter, oilfield drilling decanter centrifuge. Oilfield drilling shale shaker is used to separate the big solids with diameter above 76μm, and 47~76μm for Oilfield drilling desander, and 12~47μm for Oilfield drilling desilter. Vacuum degasser is used to separate the air, if air enters into the drilling fluids.

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