Introduction of Professional Hydrocyclone Desilter

Desilter, Hydrocyclones

OGEM manufactures drilling fluids processing system including mud separation equipments, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, etc.

CNQ Desilter represents a product of advanced design, careful engineering, quality materials and finest workmanship from 4, and 5 inches. Desilters have varying capacity based on its diameter.

With interdependence of its inlet, vortex and apex orifices, OGEM CNQ desilter achieves superior result in the separation of its light, fine and coarse materials.

Hydrocyclone is made of an upper cylindrical section and a lower conical section. A vortex finder pipe protruding downward at the top of the upper cylindrical section that is a little bit below the tangential feed section . Fluid from centrifugal pump enters the tangential feed section of the hydrocyclone at high velocity on swirling motion creating a centrifugal force that accelerates the solids to the cone wall.

The solids and liquid mixture rotates rapidly while swirling downward the higher mass solids move toward the wall and exit the cone thru its apex while the lighter mass which are concentrated away from the wall towards the centerline are now forced to reverse direction swirling upward exiting the vortex finder. CSQ Desander and CNQ Desilter operate on exactly the same principle.


Hydrocyclone’s Design variables:

Cone diameter

Cone angle

Apex diameter

Cylindrical length

Feed inlet area

Vortex finder geometry

Desilters usually separate particle smaller than desanders do. Both of them can be called hydrocyclone separators.

OGEM Solids Control Equipment manufacturer high quality desander and desilter, any questions please contact us now.


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