Drilling fluid mud gun on solids control

Brief introduction of Mud gun

Mud gun is another equipment for agitating drilling mud or fluid during mud process. It is mounted on mud tanks.?Mud gun?is also called as jet mud gun, mud gun jets, mud mixing gun, etc. Please find following info on ?both FSI Mud gun and OGEM Mud gun.

NJQ Mud gun


1. FSI Mud gun main feature is the mud gun nozzles are made of rubber. This is different with other mud guns. FSI said, this rubber nozzle can be more durable and longer usable life.

2. Mud guns from FSI make it more efficient than the sharp shoulder in a 3 to 1 reducers. Well, under this feature we get increased blending and agitation

3. Fluid system design?mud guns?to solve pump problems more than to solve nozzle problems. ?Furthermore, we know, FSI mud gun is usually with only 1 nozzle. However, it can rotate as 270 degree.

4. FSI Mud gun is rather simple design with high quality meanwhile. Presently, most manufacturers adopt metal nozzles instead of rubber ones. We think, rubber won’t be more durable or wear resistant than steel.

OGEM Mud guns ref


  • OGEM Mud gun including many types. Subject to the appearance. There will be?Spinner Type / Pivot Type, Non Spin Type,?Single nozzle and triple nozzle type and?Bottom type.
  • According to the working pressure or valve pressure, there can be high pressure and normal pressure type. The NJQ mud gun size including 2″ and 3″.?NJQ Mud gun is completely made of steel or S.S requested by clients. The nozzles are customizable on numbers and material.
  • The spinner type jet mud gun is designed for using in?mud tanks?where the utmost in constant agitation is desired. The nozzles are set at certain angle. Furnished in any desired length as specified in order.
  • While, the bottom type is similar with mud agitator with shaft stabilizer. We’ll set one piece of pipe to fix mud gun bottom small tail to ensure during operation, the mud gun will be steady. It is for large size metal tanks or mud pit. It’s simple construction, easy to install and operate.

Please be noted, discharge nozzles in all OGEM Jet mud?guns are eqiupped with insert process to make sure wear-resistant and long usable life.

FSI Mud gun


In short, both FSI and OGEM mud gun are similar. Actually, all mud gun are made based on same working principle or theory.

We can find, almost all mud guns are set as 1 gun per 3 meters. Also similar as mud agitator. FSI suggest users set one gun in the middle of 10′x10′ mud compartment even small

OGEM suggest you take mud gun together with?mud agitator. Since mud gun can provide complete and overcome the dead corner mud mixing.

FSI Mud guns and OGEM mud gun the main difference is the cost and the appearance design. In fact, both producers are professional on drilling mud solids control equipment.


If you need more info on any FSI guns or OGEM NJQ Mud gun just contact us freely.


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