Drilling Mud Cleaner Centrifugal Pump in O&G field

Drilling Mud Cleaner Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump is important mud equipment among oil drilling fluid process or solids control system. It is essential assistant device for whole drilling mud system.

Oilfield centrifugal pump

centrifugal pump types

Centrifugal pump includes the horizontal centrifugal pump, the vertical centrifugal pump. As per other specs, including mechanical pump and oil seal pump; then there is also open type impeller pump, semi-open impeller centrifugal pump, closed impeller centrifugal pump.

According to function or applications, in mud system, there will be mud cleaner pump, or called feeding/transfer pump, trip pump, mixing pump, shearing pump, centrifuge pump, etc.


Mud cleaner pump requirements

We know mud cleaner is combined with desander cone and desilter separator. For both parts or hydrocyclones we need centrifugal pump provide sufficient power, drilling fluid and pressure to ensure high performance mud process or solids control.

Commonly, we need centrifugal pump must provide 100% or 125% capacity of whole drilling fluid flow maximum capacity while drilling oil well. This will provide sufficient feeding capacity and pressure. Realize drilling mud purification by mud cleaner.

Furthermore, the mud cleaner centrifugal pump should be better set on either tank ends. This save much mud tank effective capacity and provide convenient repair/maintenance. All most solids control professionals suggest mechanical seal mud cleaner pump.

In oil drilling fluids system, mud cleaner centrifugal pump motor is explosion proof type. This will be safer to operator and working environment. But for other water drilling, HDD, etc. industry, they just request common motor.

Above information are main requirements on mud cleaner pumps. But different clients and different well drilling condition, or drilling mud property will require differential specifications. We usually, match centrifugal pump for mud cleaner with horizontal type pump. If requested, also can match vertical type pump to save more space for clients.

SB Drilling mud centrifugal(1)

mud cleaner centrifugal pump producer

As we said, centrifugal pump is one kind of mud equipment. It also can be divided into solids control equipment. Almost, all mud flow will be under centrifugal pump power and come to complete fluids circulation system.

Mud cleaner centrifugal pump will be produced by majority solids control equipment producer. Also, there will be professional manufacturer specialized on centrifugal pump, such as NOV Brandt Mission pump, OGEM SB pump, KOXN, WPC, etc.


If you have any interest or question on mud cleaner centrifugal pump just contact OGEM Equipment freely. We’ll do our utmost to serve you.


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