HDD: Horizontal Directional Drilling Features

Horizontal directional drilling 

Horizontal directional drilling will neither impede traffic, nor destry green vegetation. The normal work order of shops, hospitals, schools and residents will not be disturbed by the drilling operation. Therefore, we could say that HDD avoid the interference brought by traditional excavation and construction to citizens living, traffic, environment.

Modern horizontal drilling equipments are of high precision. It is easy to adjustment the direction and depth of laying. Long distance laying of pipeline could fully meet the design requirements for depth, and make the underground pipeline bypass obstacles.

Urban pipeline networks generally reach 3m depth, while across the river, generally 9-18m depth under the riverbed. So, the use of horizontal directional drilling will not bring impact on the surrounding environment. Without damaging the landscape and the environment, HDD adapt to various environment requirements.

XJ350 Workover rig-for reference

While carry out horizontal directional drilling, there are no water surface & underwater job involved. So, navigation on rivers will not affected and no damage brought to river embankments on both sides. HDD construction is with the features of short construction period, fewer personnel, high success rate as well as no limitation by season.

Compared with other construction methods, HDD is fast getting into and out of site. And the construction sites can be flexibly adjusted. Especially in urban construction, its advantages would be fully displayed as small construction area requested and low construction cost, but high speed.

In horizontal drilling through large river, due to pipeline buried under the ground surface with depth to 9-18m, the formation of oxygen and other corrosive matters are very little there, the pipeline could be live longer under the function of natural anti-corrosion and insulation.


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