How well drilling mud cleaner work?

How well drilling mud cleaner work?

Mud cleaner is one equipment separate useless particle or drilling cuttings out of drilling fluid. During whole well drilling, to ensure good drilling performance and well condition we need equipments process drilling mud.


Mud equipments for well drilling

Actually, every kind of well drilling will request mud treatment equipment. Such as O&G drilling, CSM, HDD, water well, geothermal well, etc. What are exact equipments for mud process?

Strictly speaking, including mud pump, solids control equipments/system. Detail is shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, degassers, mixing pump, mud tanks, etc. Mud pumps provide power and motivate.

How mud cleaner work?

Let’s introduce mud cleaner in details. Mud cleaner is combination of 2nd and 3rd phase solids control. Usually, it will be set behind vacuum degasser or shale shaker subsequently.

Mud cleaner includes hydrocyclone desander, hydrocyclone desilter and bottom shaker. On mud cleaner there are desander hydrocyclones, desilter cones. These cones are fit on pipeline, which contains feed inlet and discharge output.


After drilling mud processed by shale shaker (and gas buster) centrifugal feeding pump will transfer drilling fluid from shaker compartment to desander cone inlet. At this time, drilling fluid is under centrifugal pump pressure. It has sufficient power to flow arround hydrocyclone. Finally, the solid larger than 74 microns will be discharged out of drop in Apex.

Clean fluid flow to desander compartment through desander cone discharge output. Then SB series centrifugal pump transfer drilling mud from desander compartment to desilter feed inlet.  Drilling fluid in desilter cone has same process principle and process as desander.

The processed mud will down to desilter compartment. This part drilling fluid is to be processed by decanter centrifuge. The particle in this department is mainly less than 12 microns.


More info about mud cleaner

Almost all mud cleaners work same. They have same theory and principle. Mud cleaner is important equipment for drilling mud solids control system. There are many manufacturers in USA, China, Russia, etc, such as Derrick, Fluids system, OGEM Equipment and NOV Brandt, etc.

If you are interested or you have any question on mud cleaners please contact us freely.



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