LJB Vertical mud agitator main structure

Main structure

LJB Vertical mud agitator main structure for motor, reducer, rack; Mixer contains coupling, rotor, blades, etc., this page for the most simple structure shows as follows:


A  Motor: the motor besides its input power of the most basic conditions, when should pay attention to the installation environment, including indoor and outdoor and flash fire conditions, physical properties of blend respectively indicate the room type, room exterior, explosion-proof grade condition (safety explosion protection or pressure); Even for the pneumatic motor, etc. This design will provide the most professional according to different environment and the selection of safety.

B Reducer: since there are many different kinds of reducer, structure and efficiency value of similarities and differences, the relative price differences too big, installation and field space can also may be limited, this design provides dozens of different models, respectively load weight models with different speed reducer, a cost savings, moreover, this model can provide high load demand.


C Frame: because of the liquid mixture of strong dynamic load, the movement stability and life of a mixer depends on the support frame structure, speed, viscosity will be consideration, capacity, etc. We aimed at light load, medium load and heavy load provide special models, all the frame adopts precision machining in order to increase its stable operation, fully sealed design and can completely protect parts from environmental corrosion of concern, and prolong the life span. Due to the structure of cost difference is great, it help customers to choose suitable models can reach the goal of both economic and practical.

D Stick version installation: direct contact with the tank of the flange surface, susceptible to corrosion of splashing liquid and gas, so the material of choice is very important. This design can create the most suitable for the customer’s installation options.

E Shaft seal, pressure vessels, reaction tank and toxic, stench, etc to isolate and airtight container must do, generally for the mechanical shaft seal, gran shaft seal, seal or the special compound isolation equipment. And full consideration the applicable material, maintenance and operation process of the cooling conditions, etc.

F Coupling, stable movement, with access to the drive shaft and the agitator we provide solid CF flange type coupling structure, let the stirrer with mixer solid line together again, light mixing equipment and provide CO sleeve type to choose from. Special use and design of special fast disassembly design.

G Stirring shaft, recoverable solid shaft or pipe, the straightening treatment. In the condition of high speed for finish turning or grinding processing, help customers to choose the most appropriate material, the diameter of axle design best match, and cooperate to do the polishing or packing process.


H Mixing blade: the choice of agitator blade determines the advantages and disadvantages of the mixing effect, this design have dozens of different kind of blades for customers to choose, and can design special blade for special purposes. From material selection, processing and cladding processing all can do the best service.

I Water the axis: when agitator need high speed, the blending of high viscosity resistance greatly, or placed in deep tank movement, must be considered in the middle or at the bottom of the support. In addition to consider its contact with the liquid condition of corrosion resistant material and abrasion resistance, tear open outfit change easy consumables is the design of this design on the key. Part of the container itself by coating and the limited material cannot add support shaft conditions, the design and provide different design. Shanghai tong environmental protection technology co., LTD. Design, specializing in the production of mixer, design with strong technical force, perfect detection means, strict quality management, sophisticated processing equipment, in the same industry in a leading position. Supply liquid mixing machine, vertical agitator, chemical mixer, dosing mixer.



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