Mud agitator in Mud Drilling system


Mud agitator is an equipment to mix solid and fluid. It is mainly used in oil and gas drilling mud process system, mineral working site, etc.

As a part of continuous control system, faucet drilling is used to continuously and reliably agitate the drilling mud to make flour, silt and sand along with the solution is easy to transmit a continuous control system with no sludge at the bottom of rezervuara. Glavnaya function faucets should mix the drilling of flour and other particulate matter solutions.


-Increase performance of solids, removal equipment

-Maintain a uniform mud density

-prevents solids setting, taking up valuable tank displacement

-High shear mixing, aids chemical and solids addition


1. Stabilny drive and low noise

2. Horoshaya radiation and low temperature

3. Horoshaya sealing

4. Bolshaya driving power and a powerful agitation


OGEM JBQ Series mud agitator works to prevent drilling fluids solids particles in the tank circulation system deposit, make cycle drilling fluid performance stability, mixed evenly.

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