Mud decander centrifuge in Solids control

Oil & Gas drilling high speed and VFD centrifuge

Oil well drilling and gas well drilling mainly mean the petroleum drilling and natural gas drilling. They both are vertical well drilling. And the depth from 2000m/6561ft to 9000m/29527ft. Let’s find similarity and difference between high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge.

High speed decanter centrifuge

We know, centrifuge in drilling fluid process is also called decanter centrifuge, decanting centrifuge or centrifuge decanter. There are many types centrifuge as per different division way.

If according to centrifuge speed there will be low speed centrifuge, middle speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge, as well as the VFD high speed centrifuge.

High speed decanter centrifuge speed is up to 2800~3200rpm. And thanks to its speed, it can separate solids size 2~5 microns out of drilling fluid. Furthermore, high speed drilling fluid decanter centrifuge is widely used in barite recycling system.

High speed decanting centrifuge will have smaller bowl diameter to cater higher speed result. If the centrifuge bowl diameter is as long as 450mm or even longer, it can be only middle speed or low speed centrifuge.


Drilling mud VFD decanter centrifuge

VFD Decanter centrifuge means the variable frequency driven centrifuge. Almost users or players in oil and gas drilling will know that the VFD centrifuge is based on the high speed decanter centrifuge. So, we also call VFD centrifuge as VFD high speed centrifuge.

That means the VFD Centrifuge speed will be 0~3200rpm. And it will separate 2~5microns out of drilling mud same as common high speed centrifuge.

While, VFD to decanter centrifuge has two option. One is VFD for the centrifuge motors only; the other is VFD on both centrifuge motor and centrifuge feeding pump motor.

To VFD high speed centrifuge the control panel is rather important. Actually, the difference between VFD centrifuge and common high speed centrifuge is the control panel. We improve or make control panel realized VFD through one or some parts in the cabinet.

 Furthermore, if the VFD centrifuge is used in some special working condition with super high ambient temperature, we should consider match cabinet with cooling system together to ensure the safety without flame, etc.

The same features between high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge

As we said, both of them are high speed decanting centrifuge. They are widely used in oil and gas drilling. They both can get rid of 2~5microns particles. High speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge will be set after drilling mud cleaner or the desilter

Both centrifuges will be fed by pumps from cleaner/desilter compartment to centrifuge feed inlet. They have almost the same design on structure, main parts, etc.

Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

Difference between high speed and VFD centrifuge

Firstly, VFD decanter centrifuge is variable frequency or speed driven. It has more flexibility when operator or supervisor run centrifuge according to different mud property and actual working conditions.

Then, some VFD centrifuge will request feeding pumps are VFD as well.

Above information described general content on high speed centrifuge and VFD centrifuge.  If you need more info or you have any advice on it please let us know. We can discuss and improve together.



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