Mud gun in Drilling Oil Rig System

Simple introduction on mud gun

The mud gun also can be called Mud mixing gun. It is usually used along with mud agitator as mixer for oil rig system.

Mud gun is consisted by main construction by steel pipe and flange, the valves including high pressure or low pressure and the rotary.

And the different oil rigs have different mud system, such as different on treating capacity, different on mud tank cap acity, difference on mud properties, ect. Then mud guns should hold relative height, etc.


The mud gun is simple in design or structure. Usually all turning takes place on double rows of steel balls in flame hardened races. There is nothing to tighten or adjust. Flow is unrestricted and pressure drop is minimum.

Mud gun types

1. Divided by pressure: there will be high pressure and normal pressure;

2. Divided by rotary type: there will be with manual rotary or fixed type;

3. Divided by diameter: there will be NJQ50 and NJQ80;

4. Divided by nozzle number: there will be single one and triple one, etc;

5. Divided by valves: there will be gate valve type and butterfly valves type.


Mud gun in Drilling oil rig system

Mud gun as we said, it will be used together with mud mixers. And the mud resources to mud gun is given by mud pump in oil rig. The mud gun can mix or spray mud to dead angles. This will make mud more even and better effect than mud agitator.

Moreover, the mud gun in Oil rig system also have normal pressure and high pressure. This is according to client’s demand. Different oil rig will request different mud gun. Please go and contact OGEM.


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