Mud process hydrocyclone desilter from China

Mud process hydrocyclone desilter 

Hydrocyclone desilter also can be named desilter or desilter separator. As we all know, it’s the 3rd phase solids control equipment or the 4th mud purification device in any mud process system.

The following information will tell you general issues affecting hydrocyclone desilter, which includes design, cones number, structure, configuration, manufacture process, etc.


How to make hydrocyclone desilter

Hydrocyclone desilters are mainly the same structure. Combine with hydrocyclones, steel frame, pipeline, hacking, and/or bottom shaker, pressure gauge. Some users prefer desilter without bottom shaker.

We need to welded steel frame with desilter feed inlet and discharge output line. The pedestal is a part of steel frame also. If no special requirement, the bottom shaker will be set over hacking.

To make desilter, the main issue is to weld parts together. And arrange hydrocyclones to be sequential as parallel or cylinder. The cones line can parallel to bottom shale shaker or perpendicular to shaker. Please find the following sketch for more info.



 Hydrocyclones on Desilter

We commonly use 4″ hydrocyclones. Subject to clients’ process capacity demand, the cones size, number, and material are customizable.

There are also 3″ or 2″ desilter cone. The hydrocyclones can be made of casting polyurethane, milling polyurethane, milling, mixed rubber, oil resisting rubber, PTEF, MC Nylon, high-chromium iron, high-tungsten casting iron, etc.

According to actual test on oilfield mud system, the casting polyurethane cones can be used over 2100 hours, and the biggest broken position is about 80mm away with cones bottom.

Professional from Jianghan Petroleum Research Center suggests users and desilter manufacturers adopt casting polyurethane cones to ensure high quality and excellent performance with high efficiency.

Furthermore, desilter cones connection type includes flange type, coupling type. Presently, more and more clients prefer coupling type cones for its convenience on installation and operation.

For desilter cones number, we can configure 24 desilter cones as maximum fitted with ball valves. This will provide flexible treating capacity to different users and different well drilling condition.


Hydrocyclone desilter Benefits

1. Operation and ajustment of the flow capacity are easy;

2. Size and quantity of hydrocyclones are reasonable, which can achieve the ideal separation efficienty;

3. High separation efficiency, separating various size cuttings, reduce the blockof nozzles;

4. Bottom shaker can deal with large capacity with low noisy, the screens can be used with long life.


Presently, we have CNQ hydrocyclone desilter in stock for oil drilling mud process. We have 4″ desilter and 5″ desilter for your option. Please contact us for further information and sales details.

 We’ll do our best to serve you. Welcome to OGEM-Equipment website to get more information.



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