Oilfield solids control pumps for sale

Solids control pumps information

Solids control system in oilfield is the typical 4 phase mud process system?including shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifuge. What is the pumps info? What is solids control pump detail?

Oilfield centrifugal pump

As per complete close loop solids control mud system, there is feeding pump for hydrocyclone separators, the mud transfer pump for charging centrifuge, the drilling fluid mixing pump for configuration, and/or the shearing pump for shredding drilling mud, the trip pump, etc. We also can say, there is horizontal pump, vertical pump, screw pump, etc.

Different equipments request different pumps as power resource or mud supplies. Meanwhile, different solids control system configuration will have different pumps position, design, or types.

Detail pump in oilfield solids control

For solids control equipments, the separated hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner we must match centrifugal pump as mud feeding pump. The centirfugal pump transfer drilling fluid to the cyclones inlet line for subsequent process.


Usually, these pumps are horizontal one. They’ll be mounted on mud tanks ends or under the slant plate of shaker tank. ?When we set pumps under shaker tank will save much space. However, then it will be inconvenient when we repair or inspect pumps.

But sometimes in solids control system there will be vertical pump or submersible slurry pump instead of horizontal pumps.

We know in solids control system, the drilling mud seems blood to our human body. While pump will be the transfer tools. They pump drilling fluid from here there between different drilling fluid tanks or compartments.

Let?s see, after mud cleaner or hydrocyclone desilter what pumps there? Yes, the 4th solids control equipment-Decanter centrifuge. For decanter centrifuge, we need pump transfer drilling fluid from desilter compartment to centrifuge input.

The drilling mud can be pumped by horizontal centrifugal pump, or the vertical centrifugal pump. We also may call it slurry submersible slurry pump. Some clients will also request the screw pump for feeding centrifuge.


In fact, during communicate with clients; we’ll propose proper pumps or configuration for them. Upon their satisfaction on both technique and cost we’ll confirm the optimal solutions on pumps and every other issue

The mixing pump and shearing pump? They have similarity. Both them are combined with centrifugal pump and another part. And they both can mix / compound drilling fluid for solids control system.


The mixing pump is including the centrifugal pump and mixing hopper, which can be venture hopper or vortex hopper.?While the solids control shearing pump including the centrifugal pump and over-head belt.

Yes, another pump is the trip pump. It is also centrifugal pump. And we set it on the trip tank. It can supplement drilling fluid for shaker or the former equipments.

Solids Control pumps manufacturer

How to get high quality oilfield solids control pumps? Where are the pumps for sale? Who is the pumps manufacturer?

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