Professional Drilling mud tank system from China

Drilling mud tanks system

Drilling mud tanks system is the fluids process system completely with mud equipments and all tanks configuration. Following is some information on our high quality drilling mud tanks system.


Drilling fluid sytem description

For drilling mud tanks system we can use it in various drilling. The different well drilling conditions will request different fluids system.

Drilling fluid system includes mud tanks system, the mud process equipments. All pipelines and electrical lines, cables, and all accessory parts. Such as the ladders, hand rail, guard rail, etc.

Fluids system equipment mainly is shale shaker, hydrocyclone separators, centrifuge decanter, centrifugal pumps, and fluid mixers/agitators

Mud tanks detail

What is the mud tanks detail then? Actually, we need almost fluid system, including shaker tank, active, storage tank or mixing tank. Sometimes, there will be also the trip tank, pill tank, and swab or test tank.

The mud tanks are different size or dimension. It depends on whole mud tanks system capacity or flow mud pump flow rate. Whole mud system including different phases and process steps. We need to calculate all information in detail.

So usually the single mud tankeffective volume or capacity includes 20m3 and less, 20-40m3, then 40-70m3. Their length can be 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 15m, etc. specific requirement.


How to make high quality mud tanks sytem

High quality mud tanks system must be fabricated under professional configuration. The optimal proposal with high efficiency and low cost. Cater to clients’ specific demand and actual drilling conditions.

All the equipments and tanks should be made of high quality raw material and produced according to executive standard. Inspect all equipments and tanks completely and strictly. Ensure all pipes are connected with each other. All welding line should be sealed and plain.

where to buy high quality mud tanks system?

Of course we need to find the professional producer. Experienced manufacturer and designer on mud process, solids control leaders.

In China, USA, New Zeeland, India, Russia, etc. So many regions and thousands of manufacturers. We can seek it at Google via internet also can seek it via friends and partners maybe even our clients.


OGEM Equipment is also one professional manufacturer on high quality mud tanks system. Complete solids control line closed loop mud recycling or circulation. ?

If you have any interest or demand, please come to us for best price, high quality and shortest delivery.



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