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Flare ignition device system

Actually, its main part is flare igniter. For oil drilling it is one unit ensures job site safety. It is connected with mud gas separator vent line. So this line called as flare line.


How oilfield flare igniter work?

Come to whole flare ignition system, firstly we need to connect flare igniter to poor boy degasser vent line. This will lead toxic gas to igniter safely through flare line or vent line. Without any extension space for harmful gas

Then connect and switch on igniter currency converter also the voltage amplifier line.

Turn on the liquefied gas bottle, operate igniter fire ignite pipe or open draw fire air valve directly then light fire ignite pipe via igniter (this is 1st stage ignition)

Open air relief gate valve, burn out relieved air via fire guide pipe (2nd ignition). Close liquefied gas bottle, quench fire ignite pipe, let burnable H2S gas burn down.


Oil rig flare ignition system components

Usually, ignition system includes torch, ignition pin, igniter, assistant fire device (liquefied gas bottle, hose, etc), and electric cabinet.

OGEM YPD flare igniter is improved to reliable performance with excellent elements configuration, such as SIEMENS, Schneider. This provides reliability and stable structure.

YPD Flare ignition device features

Oil drilling flare igniter developed from “manual ignition” to “automatic ignition”, reflect environmental protection and human oriented idea.

Actually, oilfield igniter not only burn H2S but also other poisonous or harmful gas. So, the flare igniter is widely used in oil and gas drilling job site to prevent blow out.

Last decades, almost all flare ignition system are manual operation, staff is easy to be burned or scalded. There is much risk. Furthermore, manual ignition take longer time but bring less accuracy rate, easy to let harmful gas flow mongo atmosphere lead pollution or other bad result.

OGEM Equipment YPD series flare ignition unit is ideal proposal to overcome above shortcomings or problem. It burns gas timely and exactly, avoids pollution to animals, environment, or human being.

 旋转 DSCI0354

Warnings when handling oil rig flare ignition system

Pay more attention on torch prevent any break on ignition guide line insulation. When we install torch consider choose safe place with lower fire possibility. The torch base must be stable with level pedestal, rope as assistance if necessary.

The electric components should be under good condition without wet or quantity dust. Moreover, flare igniter commonly used together with poor boy degasser.


Flare ignition system appliactions

It can be used on most of the oil or petroleum upstream and downstream industry, such as oil drilling solids control system, engineering projects. Furthermore, to ignite biogas, sludge gas, waste gas other harmful/poisonous gas can be burned.

More information on flare ignition system please contact OGEM Equipment freely.



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