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A brief introduction of OGEM slurry pump

OGEM?s slurry pumps are heavy and robust centrifugal pumps, capable of handling tough and abrasive duties. They are designed for excellent performance, low energy consumption, long wear life and easy maintenance. Various designs are available to cover all hydraulic transportation needs in the widest variety of process applications including grinding circuits, tailings disposal, filter feed, dredging, hydro cyclone feed and general slurry transfer.

The vertical slurry pumps are designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high-density slurries and applied over the fields such as metallurgy, mining, coal, power, building materials, and environmental protection.

This sump pump casing of type EVM pumps are made of wear-resistant metal. The wear parts are made of high chromium for the EVM series and are rubber lined for the EVR series. According to liquid surface of the slurry pool, the vertical slurry pump transmission shaft and suction pipe could be chosen. The sump pump could operate under the best condition with different speed.
We are the OEM with original drawings and design details for the following brands: Metso, Svedala, Denver, Sala, Orion and Thomas.


Types of OGEM slurry pumps

Our horizontal and vertical pumps serve a wide range of slurry transport applications. We also offer engineering consultation and state-of-the-art pump sizing and selection software.

1)??? OGEM? Horizontal slurry pumps

OGEM’s horizontal pump program offers the newest and widest range of world class rubber lined and hard metal slurry pumps for abrasive pumping applications.
Ideally suited to the most arduous of duties, the excellent hydraulic coverage provided, ensures that the right pump for the job is always available regardless of industry segment, be it Metallic and Industrial Minerals, Coal, Construction, Waste and Recycling, Power, Pulp and Paper, Chemical or general mining.
We are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for equipment manufactured under the following brand names, and are the only supplier of parts with the original drawings and design details for: Metso, Svedala, Denver, Sala, Orion and Thomas slurry pumps Vertical slurry pumps

2)??? OGEM vertical pump

The OGEM vertical pump program offers the newest and widest range of world class rubber lined and hard metal slurry pumps for abrasive and difficult pumping applications.
We are the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for equipment manufactured under.


In order to meet the requirements of the market, Ogem develops Series EV sump slurry pumps, which are different from traditional sump pumps with single casing and open impeller, but the double casing and closed impeller. Series EV?pumps could work under the condition of big capacity , high head and high efficiency and the traditional ones only could deal with the small capacity, low head and low efficiency.

Series EV pumps include EVHM, EVHR, EVLM, EVLR, EVZG, EVZJ, EVS and so on. The clear water performance?for every series of products could refer to EHM, EHR, ELM, ELR, EZG, EZJ, and ES and so on. Any requirements, please communicate with us for the detailed application. (Series EVS is of single casing, and is the sump grave pump.)

If the work condition requests, the suction pipe could be added. The pipe length would be selected according to the clients’ requirement. In that case, packing seal should be kept and the shaft seal water should be added. The pressure of?shaft seal water should be a little?higher than of discharge side.

YZ Submersible slurry pump

Any need for slurry pumps, please feel free to contact us and we?ll do our utmost to serve you.



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