Solids control equipments and spare parts from OGEM

Solids control equipments and spare parts

Solids control is widely used in many industries or applications. The oil and gas well drilling, oil and well exploration, HDD and other directional well drilling, water well drilling, geothermal well construction, piling project, tunneling, etc.

Since we call solids control system as mud system. And its main function is to control or process solid or particle among drilling fluid.


Solids control equipments

We know solids control is usually 4 phase process. Thanks to drillings industry specialty, we need drilling mud processed as certain steps. The solids control equipments are mud equipments mainly are shale shaker, desander, desilter, and decanter centrifuge. The assistant equipments are centrifugal feeding pump, mixing centrifugal pump, shearing pump, and degassers, etc.

For oil and gas drilling or we drill deep well, the shale shaker won’t request feeding pump. While if we do HDD project, the shale shaker will need submersible slurry pump or other feeding pumps to feed drilling fluid.

If our wells are not oil and gas drilling, we may not request so many equipments. We can decrease degassers, shearing pump, decanter centrifuge, etc.

2000HP rig mud system

Common solids control spare parts

Actually, the solids control spare parts are at large quantity and various kinds. Because there are so many mud equipments. However, the main spare parts are as below:

Shale shaker screens,?clamping parts of screen installation?for shale shaker and mud cleaner, the hydrocyclones for mud cleaner or hydrocyclone separator, the cones bolts or clamps, and the drop in Apex.

?The driving belt, feed inlet, discharge channel for centrifuges. The Ventura hopper or Vortex hopper, bare pump, the bearing, seal, ring, and gasket, etc. for motors. Different types valves, unions, flanges, etc.

Above are main parts usually inquired by our clients. Actually, for solids control there are hundreds of wearing parts. We can match or replace certain parts under complete insurance of the conformity with original ones.

Another HDD fluids system

If you are in the demand for any solids control equipments or their parts please contact us freely. OGEM will give you best price and delivery time.



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