The components and purpose of Jet mixer hopper

Jet mixing hopper as the name suggests is a kind of slurry used equipment, the main role  is in the mud mixture of bentonite, medicines, ingredients of the equipment. Jet slurry device works according to the principle of fluid movement, according to the faster flow velocity of fluid in the fluid’s pressure is smaller and slower place because of the pressure to low pressure place movement so mix.


The composition of jet slurry device:

A, Mixed hopper:  Hopper  main effect is put so the material mixed with mud, generally for the bentonite.
Second, Sand pump:  is the main purpose of sand pump slurry for jet device powered device to make mud in the equipment movement.
Three, Electric cabinet: electric cabinet is used to control fluid slurry unit start-stop state of electronic device with sand pump and equipment protection.
Four, Pipe will be mainly used to connect piping sand pump and mud tanks, connection mode mainly for flange connection, accomplished by butt joint of flange connection.
Five, the Base, the base is mainly the above equipment installed on the base and the base installation in say where it is needed.

Jet slurry device mainly is to meet the different drilling depth of drilling fluid increasing and preparation, slurry device consists of one or more sand pump and one or more jetting mixing hopper  with manifold valves together with the use of a device, reliable performance makes it move easily.

1, Jet drilling fluid mixed hopper
Mainly by the nozzle and mixing chamber, and Hadley pipes of feed hopper and butterfly valve.Jet pipe Hadley tube, pipe end is equipped with high-speed drilling fluid jet pumping through the nozzle, the velocity is converted into pressure head, the low pressure area near the nozzle outlet, low pressure around the jet pipe material into the injection fluid absorption, into Hadley pipes, is a deli pipes according to certain surface gradually expand hollow tube and its main effect is to increase the shear stress of liquid in the tube, in order to better dispersion and improve the material mixture liquid pressure head.
2. The vortex flow drilling fluid mixed hopper

Is mainly composed of feed hopper, butterfly gate, mixing barrel, mixing drum and spiral flow of volute.Drilling fluid mixed with slurry pump will be along the tangent direction into the vortex pump volute, vacuum high speed rotary liquid in the volute, will mix material suction and mixes with high-speed rotating flow into the mixing barrel, cavity within the mixing barrel, high-speed rotating flow further material and the mix liquid, and then into the external cavity, ruled out along the tangent direction, to complete a cycle of mixing process, formulate the performance requirements of the drilling fluid.

Swirling mud mixer adopts advanced high speed vortex mixing principle, compared with the traditional jet drilling fluid mixed funnel has the following features:

1, long effective mixing time, mixing effect is good;
2, charging large caliber, not easy jam, feeding speed;
3, to the basic unlimited material particle size, also won’t because of long time stop and blocking solid phase deposition phenomenon;
4, strong adaptability to raw materials and the application range is wide, can be used to mix plugging material.



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