The importance of Drilling fluids in Oilfield drilling

Drilling fluids for oilfield drilling is rather important:

As we know, drilling fluid has many functions to help well drilling get better performance. Please find following information on drilling fluids system.

Drilling_Fluid material

Drilling fluids functions FOR oilfield drilling

1. Bring drilling cuttings out to clean well bottom. Decrease abrasion enhance efficiency.

2. Cool down and lubricate drilling bits and pipe. Increase their usable life.

3. Balance well wall pressure. Avoid pollution to oil and gas layer.

4. Control ground pressure to prevent blow out and keep drilling fluid out of pollution.

5. Make drilling cuttings suspend avoid sticking of tool.

6. Transfer hydraulic power efficiently for drilling tools.

7. Share partial weight of drilling pipe decrease lifting system load.

8. Supply information for drilled site to well logging get detail data in the pit.

9. Drilling fluid hydraulic power to break down stones.

What can fluids system do?

The drilling fluids system is also called drilling mud system. For oil drilling, the main function is solids control or separate out drilling cuttings, mix drilling fluid, storage clean mud. Finally make drilling fluid circulated. After system finish purification work the drilling fluid will be clean and high property.

Through whole drilling fluids system, we can eliminate invaded gas or natural gas by poor boy degasser. Subsequently, shale shaker will separate particles larger than 100 microns. Usually we’ll use vacuum degasser/gas buster to get rid of less interfused air behind shaker.

Drilling fluid raw material

Oilfield drilling fluid centrifuge

As per well drilling deeper and deeper the fluid will correspondingly change property.  The hydrocyclone separator will separate finer solid out of drilling mud. Or we combine desander cone, desilter cone, and shaker to be mud cleaner get rid of particles over 12 microns.

In whole drilling fluids system, we request decanter centrifuge for 4th phase solids control. Generally speaking, after centrifuge processing, the drilling mud will be called clean drilling fluid.

As we said just now, the drilling fluids system will provide mix and storage application. Here is coming mud mixing pump, mud agitator, and jet mud gun. For mud mixing we need mixing hopper pump. On storage tank, mud agitator and jet mud gun are mixing equipment. They will be operated together mix drilling fluid keep it suspending.

The above is basic information of drilling fluids system working principle, functions, and whole process. So here come results, drilling fluids system will make drilling fluid purified or recycled. Help oilfield drilling perform better, decrease drilling cost, etc.


Drilling fluids system applications

Except working for O&G drilling rig, fluids system also work for HDD mud recycling, CSM Fluids purification, slurry separation, tunneling, shielding, mining industry, etc.

For more information on oilfield drilling fluids system please feel free to contact OGEM Equipment. Professionals are right here for your solutions.

Any need for solids control equipment, please feel free to contact us.




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