Supply Flare Ignition System in Solid Control

What is the Flare Ignition System?

Flare Ignition System is the equipment for matching oil drilling system, it can dispose the oil refineries and natural gas gathering stations tail gas. It can be used to have the harmful gas burned to prevent the environment and security from being endangered. It is a kind of safe and environmental protection equipment. Except to the oil refineries and natural gas gathering stations, Flare Ignition System has been widely used in petroleum drilling engineering matched with mud gas separator.

AJI Flame igniter

OGEM YPD Series Flare Ignition System 

YPD Series flare ignition system is used to burn poisonous gas from vent line.It will be connected directly with poor boy degasser vent line.This will Prevent blowout and pressure overload.Avoid harmful gas spreading on whole oilfield job site.OGEM flare ignition system has advantages of light weight,small space and safety.Customers can choose remote control or manual control,the battery with big capacity energy can provide more reliability of flare ignition device’s security on the oil site.

YPD Series Flare Ignition system parameters

Model YPD-20/3
Torch dimeter DN200mm
Burner height 3m
GDH-2 Ignition voltage 16KV
GDH-2 Ignition frequency 100~1000times/min

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