Mud Mixing Pump/Jet Mud Mixer in Solid Control

What is the Jet Mud Mixer?

As the specific solid control equipment,Jet mud mixer mainly used to configure or weighted mud according to different drilling well depth,has the functions of changing viscosity,density, acidity and basicity,lose water and so on.

It can include one centrifugal pump,one venturi hopper or many pumps and many venturi hoppers.Pump,hopper will be connected through popeline and valves.This type mixing pump is reliable,and easy to remove.

Mud mixing pump

OGEM Series SLH Jet Mud Mixer

Combining with venturi tube and original jet nozzle, OGEM’s new Jet mud mixer specializes in simple structure and easy manipulation which can satisfy the drilling fluid’s need on weighting and compounding from 1500m to 9000m depth. OGEM’s jet mud mixer can be customized to be double jet mud mixer based on customer’s need. Jet Mud Mixer’s treating capacity 60m³/h(264GPM)~300m³/h(1320GPM).

The Benefits including as fellows:

1.Compact design,save space,east to install and remove;

2.High efficiency can satisfy different requirements of feeding fluids;

3.Crushing cutter in the venturi hopper to make the materials in fastly;

4.Enough pressure can ensure the possibility of weighted mud and mixing mud.

If you want to know more about our products,pls don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will supply Jet mud mixer of high quality and low price.





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