Operating Principle of Drilling Mud Agitator

Mud agitator/mixer can be used widely in various applications. Including drilling mud mixture, chemical agitating, food or beverage, etc. It will be mounted on mud tanks or set right over mud pit. The mud agitator will help mix subject with powerful rate.Drilling mud agitator is a part of mud recycling system. It is designed for mixing mud and avoiding the drilling cuttings deposit on the bottom of drilling fluid tank . Its main function is to make the drilling fluid solid particles in suspension.

Mud agitator composed by explosion-proof motor, reducer, engine base and impeller components four parts. The motor and the speed reducer, reducer and the impeller shaft are connected through rigid coupling. Impeller consists of four blades welding formed. The impeller can make the mixing liquid to produce the vortex motion, thereby enhancing the mixing effect. Caught in the middle of the blade tray can also prevent downtime mud particles deposited on the lower leaves around, such use can reduce the starting resistance torque of sediment on the blade, thereby avoiding overload and burnout motor .

Operating Principles
The impeller can strengthen the stirring effect by making vortex of the drilling fluid. The tray installed between the leaf blades can prevent the deposition of the solid particles when the machine stopped, thereby, to reduce the moment of resistance inflicted by the sediment to the impellers when restart the equipment, therefore, to avoid burnout of the machine.

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