Considerations and Maintenance of Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner is secondary and tertiary of drilling mud solids control equipment, it is the                                                                               cyclone mud desander and mud desilter cyclone and underflow vibrating screen, three to one. Mud cleaner structure is compact, small footprint area, powerful, is to secondary and tertiary drilling mud solids control equipment the ideal choice for efficient cleaner. Mud cleaner by the sewage pump, cyclone desander, vibrating screen, connect the hose assembly.

The drilling mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function associated with detached demander and desalted. In addition to the sensible design process, it colleagues another shale shaker screen mud cleaner features is compact, it inhabits small space and the function is influential. Mud cleaner is the ideal maneuver of the second class and the third class hard control to treat the boring mud.

Considerations on how to use mud cleaner:
1. The use of the polyurethane cyclone temperature greater than 80 ℃, the lowest not less than 30 ℃.
2. The cyclone feeding solid particles in the biggest be less than 1/10 of the feed mouth narrow edge width, such as more coarse particle should screen out in advance;
3. Often visited sand pump feed, equipment, hydrocyclone grit mouth is abnormal, and so on and so forth.

Maintenance fit how to use mud cleaner:
1, clean the vortex tube after the usage and remove the bottom block sand;
2, cleaning sieve and timely replacement of the damaged screen;
3, the eccentric shaft bearing lubrication and maintenance once a week.

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