Mud cleaner manufactured for Malaysia Oil drilling company

What is my feeling about that? Firstly, I’d like introduce some original story about the whole thing.Just couples of weeks ago, my colleague concluded one order about Mud cleaner AJQ603. The mud cleaner was designed for an Malaysia petroleum drilling company

They requested the mud cleaner holds treating capacity as 240m3/h. In order to cater for the requriements we designed as following:

2x 10″ desander cone and 12x 4″ desilter cone;                                                                                      We use 200 mesh Brandt Cobra shale shaker screen;                                                                        Total screen area is 2.4m2(25.8 ft2), 3pcs Rigid Frame PT Panel fine shaker screens;                Vibration motor: 2×1.5kw Italy Oli vibration motor.                                                                                        It is Quick Release Hammer which is used wedges to fix the screen.                                                     High “G” force motor: ≤7.0G.


From the communication beginning to the conclusion. My colleague took only 3 weeks. The clients appreciated her and our company design. And he is satified with our professional ability and experience.

Of course, the petroleum drilling company is not our first client in Malaysia. So he is also happy and trusting our reliability and quality.

Moreover, the underflow shaker screen is quick release hammer type. This is also highly appreciated by client. Since it saves more time and it holds same shaker screens as Nov Brandt.

In short, this mud cleaner is our another successful case. Thanks to my colleague’s wisdom and our qualified goods.and I shall and must learn from her. So, Hurry up!!!

Welecome to contact us about our drilling mud solids control equipment and the related spare parts.


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