Drilling Oilfield Mud Gun

Oilfield mud gun is one of the equipments of solids control system,which is a special

tool to prevent mud sedimentation, oil field mud gun is mainly used for drilling mud in the

circulatory system. Return system equipment power source comes from the drilling mud

pump. Oil field mud gun so that no dead angle, the mud sedimentation tank. Oil field mud

gun equipment design for 360 degrees rotation. Each mud gun is arranged at the bottom

of the nozzle 3, 120 ° / A, for the radial jet. The upper tank and mud gun with manual rotary

lever (folding),which can be manually change the direction of the jet. The equipment has

the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, easy to use . It is the ideal mud solid control system anti settling device.

Oil field mud gun is connected with the high voltage end of pump, using the high speed

jet drilling fluid flow, the fluid mud in mixing evenly which is to prevent settling lamination drilling liquid pool.


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