Mud Gun for Solids Control

The introduction of Mud Gun 

Mud gun, also called drilling mud gun, is the professional tool of oil drilling fluid solids control equipment, mainly for the mud system; The impetus of mud gun can come from either centrifugal pump or mud pump .

The number of mud gun depends on the size of tank. Usually mud gun installed with mud line of mud tank. According the inlet pipe size, there are 2’ mud gun and 3’ mud gun for option. According to different structure feature, there are two types of mud gun: fixed mud gun , and rotary mud gun.


OGEM NJQ Series Mud Gun

NJQ Series Mud gun is connected with the high pressure end of the mud pump,and with the drilling fluid jet by high speed to make the drilling mud in the mud tank agitated evenly.

Points for attention in use displacement
1. Pay attention to mud gun nozzle cleaning, prevent mud nozzle blockage.
2. Pay attention to mud gun valve adjustment, according to the density of the mud to adjust the valve size.

OGEM NJQ Series Mud Gun parameters

Name                                  Parameter

Model                                  NJQ50-3                             NJQ80-3

Diameter                             2"(φ50)                       3"(φ80)

Valve ID                                50mm                                80mm

Interface diameter                2"                                     3”

Working pressure               ≤1.6MPa                             ≤3.2MPa

Nozzles quantity                     3                                       3

Swivel degree                                              120°

Matching valves                      Gate valve and Butterfly Valve for option

If you want to know more info about our mud gun,pls do not hesitate to contact us.



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