The Importance of Mud Gun in Solids Control System

Mud gun is designed and manufactured for the different drilling mud solids control 

system.The mud gun are classified into three kinds: low pressure; medium pressure; high

pressure, mainly to match with centrifugal pump,or mud pump, or the shear pump. It is to

clean the wall tube and to prevent the mud sediment in the mud tank.OGEM Solids Control

produce the solids control equipments.

The function of mud gun is depending on the gun body to produce a high speed liquid fluid,

which impact the drilling liquid storage tank bottom sediments to make the solid

suspended. At the same time, when the mud agitator stop a period of time, the solid buried

impeller deposition and need to restart, mud gun work can eliminate some resistance

moment agitator startup, this work provides a reliable guarantee for normal use of mud

agitator.Drilling fluid gun divided high pressure gun and low pressure gun,the high

pressure gun of suppling fluid by drilling pump,pressure from 4 to 6Mpa,low pressure gun

of suppling fluid by centrifugal pump.pressure from 0.2 to 0.3Mpa.

More info about our mud gun and solids control equipments,pls feel free to contact OGEM.



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