It will bring out the particles and be lead to the mud tank

Solids control system is an indispensible part for every drilling rig. But many newcomers of drilling industry have no idea of the functions of Solids control equipment.

Both of these make the Solids control equipment so necessary and important, because Solids control equipment can provide a circulation system for drilling mud. After the new compounded mud used for the lubrication of the drill bit, it will bring out the particles and be lead to the mud tank,shale shakerdesanderdesiltercentrifuge and some other components of drilling Solids system, through which even very small particles can be separated. And then the mud will be filled with some water or added with some kinds of chemicals, through which the mud can be filled back to well again and perform just as new mud. This kind of circulation can provide a sustainable usage of drilling mud, which can save much for the operators. With this system, operators don’t need to purchase large quantity of mud and also don’t need to be worried about the penalties or lawsuits from the environmental departments of the countries where oilfields located. Because the Solids control system can reduce the pollution of environment in a very low level.

Environment protection and cost saving are the two main functions of Solid control system during drilling. And because of these functions, so many Solids control equipment manufacturers are focusing on this area and devoting themselves to improve the technology of the system.

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