Drilling Mud Solids Control Equipment–Screen

How to choose right drilling mud solids control equipment?

Screen, shaker screen

Screen surface: Usually,larger contact area screen will have better treating capacity,the more screen surface area you have means more volume that you can clean.So the vavy screen is better than plan screen;the larger area plan screen is better than small area plan screen.

Screen selection: Mesh size of screens is measured by the number of holes per square inch on the screen. Different mesh sizes control the size of the cuttings that you want to remove. The same mesh size will not work in all drilling conditions. Sizes will vary depending on the size of the cuttings and the type of formations you are cleaning.

Usually,the if the mud is water basic,and the slurry density is 1.2g/cm³,viscosity 45s,the screen size should be 40mesh for drilling mud shale shaker; 120-150mesh screen for mud cleaner.

Sure,we can do it as per client’s requirements.


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