Double motor drive vibration drilling fluid shale shaker


Double vibration motor driven drilling fluid shale shaker is implemented by using the principle of vibration motor vibration work. Synchronization, when the two vibrating motors do not help rotates, the vibration force produced by eccentric block in parallel to the direction of the motor axis offset each other, in the fold is perpendicular to the direction of the motor shaft for a resultant force, so the trajectories of sieve machine for a straight line.
Drilling fluid shale shaker

JS line of drilling fluid shale shaker structure: mainly by the screen box, rack, screen, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, support form.

Screen box: the number of different thickness of zhang plates welded together, have a certain strength and stiffness, is the main part of the screen.Rack: the small deformation of wood, used to keep the screen tension level, achieve normal screening.If the proportion of large or large output can use metal screen mesh, stainless steel screen mesh with compound of national standard.

Motor pedestal: standard sieve machine motor pedestal can be mobile, before using connection screws must be tightened, especially the new screen three days before the trial must be repeated fastening, loose lest cause an accident.

Damping spring: prevent vibration to the ground at the same time support the entire weight of the screen box.When installation, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.

Support: consists of channel steel, supporting the drilling fluid shale shaker.Pillars must be perpendicular to the ground, the installation of two pillars below channel steel should be parallel to each other.


Main characteristics and suitable for industry: this series of straight line of the drilling fluid shale shaker screening of high precision, large capacity, simple structure, less energy consumption, low noise, long duration, good sealing, little dust overflow scattered, convenient maintenance, in the production of automation can be used in the assembly line.Suitable for particle size in 0.074 5 mm, water content is less than 70%, non-viscous screening of various kinds of dry powder material.The largest feed particle size is not more than 10 mm.

This kind of drilling fluid shale shaker is widely used in solid-liquid separation in industries such as mud screening of granular materials.

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