HDD Mud recycling system for sale

What’s HDD?

HDD is the horizontal directional drilling. It is one kind of no dig or trenchless drilling. What is HDD mud recycling system? Many new players in drilling industry or in HDD industry don’t understand about Mud recycling system. Let?s find interesting info as below:



  • Horizontal directional drilling?is different with oil and gas drilling, water well drilling, etc. vertical drillings. So the mud process or solids control will be different also. The HDD mud process is called recycling since its point and issue is to recycle the drilling mud.


  • After processed by mud equipments, some of drilling mud will be used again and some of waste subject will be treated accordingly or delivered to certain place for other application.


  • To design HDD mud recycling system we usually consider the drilling rig size and name the mud system combine rig counter-expanding force, or based on mud pump flow rate.


100t Rig?Mud Recycling system for sale


1. At OGEM we have one 100T HDD mud recycling system for sale. The whole treating capacity is 200GPM. The main configuration is shale shaker, one mud tank, one set desilter, one slurry pump to feed shale shaker, one centrifugal feeding pump to feed desilter.

2. Furthermore, we configured mud mixing pump mounted on mud tank. The mixing hopper pump is combined with small Ventura?hopper and one 11KW centrifugal pump. The cost is about USD40000 for complete mud recycling system based on FOB Xingang, China.

3. We ever designed one 200GPM system for a client match their DRILLTOOLS rig. They are satisfied with our mud system. We know there will be many potential users on such mini mud recycling unit. Then we have finished it long time.

4. If you are interested please contact us for the latest price. Or you have any further questions just contact us freely.

Another HDD fluids system



We OGEM is a professional manufacturer on solids control, including in petroleum industry oil and gas drilling, HDD mud process, mining or exploration slurry separation, waste management, etc.

OGEM can provide mud recycling system for following HDD rig. Including 45~60T rig, 100T rig, 200T HDD rig, 300T rig, and 450T rig. We can match our mud system for Varmeer rig, DRILLTOOL rig, and etc. many brands HDD rig.?As we said just now the “T” means the extension force.

The treating capacity can be from 200GPM~500GPM. These are common configurations used in HDD industry mud process. For each system the main difference is the treating capacity. General design and configuration is similar.


who makes?HDD mud system?

As we know, there is Mud puppy, Kemtron, DFE, OGEM, FSI, etc. ?They are experienced manufacturer and almost are world famous brand.

What do you need? What detail do you request? Please feel free to contact us.


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