Mongoose Shale Shaker VS OGEM AJS Shaker

Mongoose shale shaker is one kind of vibration shaker from Mi-Swaco. It is a USA manufacturer specialized on solids control equipment.  What is the difference and similarity between Mongoose shaker and AJS shaker? Below info is for our reference.

Mongoose shale shaker general

Mongoose shale shaker adopts shaker screens as 585x1165mmx3pcs. And screens are pre-tensioned or steel frame type. They are clamped by wedge block for quick install and replace. Its gross screen area is 29.4ft2; net area is 1.97m2. And the deck angle is from -3° to +3°

Mongoose shale shaker is popular with a lot of users. They prefer it because of it’s made by famous solids control equipment manufacturer. Trust the quality, reliability, and guarantee. However, the price is rather high.

Drilling fluid shale shaker

Mongoose PT shaker

Furthermore, Mongoose shale shaker is dual motion shaker. It is combined with linear motion and balanced elliptical motion. Two motions can be switched freely according to actual working condition and demand. Mongoose PT shaker also can be designed as dual tandem shakers

 AJS Shale shaker

In fact, if we compare AJS Shale shaker with Mi-Swaco Mongoose shaker. We’d like promote AJS604 shaker. AJS604 shale shaker is produced by OGEM Equipment. It is a linear motion shaker. Then what is its similarity with Mongoose PT?

AJS604 Shaker is a 4 panels’ shaker screen-line shale shaker. Its screen area is 2.72m2. The screen size is 585x1165mm also. Screens are pre-tensioned type and mounting way is wedge block. AJS604 shaker can be adjusted as -1°~+5°. Users can adjust it freely.

AJS604 Dual tandem Shaker

AJS604 shaker has same screen area with Mongoose shaker, AJS shaker also adopts quickly replace screen clamp way. One difference is the vibration mode. However, nowadays, we found more and more clients select linear motion shaker more often than BEM Shaker.

COMPARISON RESULT between AJS and Mongoose shaker

The first difference is the shaker price. Since Mongoose is world famous brand, all its management, regulations, etc. will request more cost than OGEM Equipment. Mongoose shaker is dual motion, requests higher investment.

 Oilfield shale shaker

Furthermore, OGEM is in China, we have labor force and material superiority. In short, OGEM have better condition than M-I SWACO request lower cost. Then, as we said, vibration mode is another difference.Mongoose shaker will be fit 3 motors in total. However, AJS604 Shaker will have 2 motors as its linear motion.

Anyhow, we know AJS604 Shaker and Mongoose shaker have same size shaker screens. They are interchangeable.

Above information are simple and basic content. If you need further information on AJS Shaker please contact us freely. Furthermore, we can provide you high quality Mongoose shaker screen replacement. We produce screens conform to API 13C.

Just come to OGEM, for more details on shale shaker or other mud equipments.


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