Solids control for drilling mud process system

Solids control for drilling mud process system

Nowadays, more and more drilling contractors recognize solids control?s importance to oil and gas drilling, HDD, CSM/CBM exploration, etc. How does solids control affect well drilling? Please find the following details.


cost Comparison of two oil well drilling

  • Let’s find the difference of two kinds of oil well drilling which with solids control system and without solids control. Final effect or result is main cost on the drill tools consumption, such as, drilling bit, straining beam, cylinder sleeve, piston, and valve. One well (2# well) uses mud pit contain drilling fluid, the other drilling rig (6#) uses solids control system to process drilling fluid during whole well drilling. They drill the same depth and other conditions are the same.


  • The result is: 2 well consumes 9 drilling bits, while 6 costs 6 bits. Straining beam 20 pcs for 2, 7 pcs for 6, 7 pcs cylinder sleeve for 2 well, and 4 for 6, piston for 2 is 60pcs for 6 is 25pcs, valves for 6 totally 20 sets, ?40 sets.


  • The drilling cost difference between them is about USD20000. If one well solids control performs very well, the drill speed will be much better and the drilling fluid cost will be much lower than poor solids control or drilling fluid process system.

2000HP rig mud system

well drilling Solids control effects

The solids control will separate unuseful drilling cuttings and other solid among drilling fluid. It will correct drilling mud property and keep the drilling fluid performance well.

Solids control effect to well drilling also includes hold proper gravity, density, weight, etc.

Good solids control to well drilling will let’s have good quality drilling fluid during whole well drilling. The good drilling fluid will affect well drilling much. Use good drilling fluid, the well drilling will be fast and efficient, the drilling cost will be less than those bad solids control well drilling.

During whole drilling fluid system, we’ll get good and safe drilling condition decrease even prevent blow out danger. So nowadays we take solids control is rather essential part for oil and gas well drilling, geothermal well drilling, CSM exploration, etc.

Solids control equipment affect

1. Shale shaker will filter particles larger than 76 microns approximately, the hydrocyclone separators or mud cleaner will get rid of solids larger than 15 microns or the range is 15~76. Another issue is the bottom shaker screen mesh with 1st stage shale shaker.

2. The decanter centrifuge can process weighted and unweighted drilling fluid. Make drilling fluid cleaner for next drilling mud circulation.

3. The mud agitator, actually, is assistant equipment. It will keep necessary solid suspend among drilling mud, which makes drilling fluid even weight, density and viscosity. The vacuum degasser also similar with mud agitator, it is much larger than agitator also can get rid of small quantity invaded gas.

4.The mud mixing pump is another kind of equipment to mix or compound drilling fluid. It provides sufficient good property drilling mud ensure drilling fluid recalculate successfully.

Above are main solids control equipments and their effects. Others equipments will be described in other articles.

Another HDD fluids system

Solids control appliaction

We are rather familiar with oil and gas drilling fluid solids control system. Furthermore, solids control has rather wide range applications , such as HDD Mud recycling, the water well drilling, Geothermal well drilling, piling project, tunneling or pipe construction, the CSM exploration, mining industry, slurry separation, etc. But, different industries will have differential name to it. Maybe it is the drilling mud process unit, the drilling fluid purification system, drilling fluid circulation, sludge/dredged slurry separation system, etc.

In short, solids control or mud process system is more and more popular all around the world. Please contact OGEM Equipment for any further interest.



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