The Four Major Functions of Shear Pump

1.Shear pump can greatly improve the hydration degree of soil particles moved.
Move the soil particle dispersion in water and hydration degree depends on: the electrolyte content, time, temperature, surface water quantity and concentration of substitutional cation.Keep the other conditions in the same, which can save more than 30% bentonite using shear pump.

2.Shear pump can make the polymer shear thinning, hydration as soon as possible.

3.The high molecular weight polymer using 3 in mud,which directly enter into the non hydratable, therefore the polymer to be pre shear. Shear pump can provide shear high efficiency, speed up the process of dilution water, polymer.

4.Shear pump can provide high capacity and head, which can meet the requirements of the preparation and processing of mud.Shear pump is to provide new equipment rapid preparation and processing of the mud, which can satisfy the user requirement of high performance slurry preparation. Drilling in the highly competitive market, and greatly shorten the mud preparation time, will bring good economic benefits to the enterprise.

OGEM Solids Control Equipment supply shear pump with high quality and low price.

So welecome to contact us about our shear pump or other solids control equipments.



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