Mud Drilling rigs and Solids control equipments

Mud drilling rigs and Solid control equipments 

Drilling rigs and Solids control equipments are OGEM products which is competitive in the oilfield.

mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of steel, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud pits, because they used to be nothing more than pits dug out of the earth.

According to tank base shape there are square and cylinder tank. Tanks main bodies are welded together with steel plate and steel section. Tank top and walk way is made of steel grid and antiskid plate. Guard rail material is square pipe, rails are foldable type. Stairs are made of antiskid plate. Two sides rail have pins for steady and safe walk. Mud tank in whole mud system will have special device to clean mud tank and equipments. For oil drilling mud system we’ll provide standard sand/rain prevention canopy also heating pipeline in the tank.

2000HP rig mud system

We can offer different kinds of drilling rigs, which include conventional skid-mounted drilling rigs, mobile or truck-mounted drilling rigs and trailer-mounted drilling rigs, and drilling rig components at very competitive prices.

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Mud drilling circulation system

 Drilling mud circulation system have been used widely in Solid control, petroleum exporing, chemical fields,and other industrial fields.

Tangshan Aojie designs this system both different drilling rigs and horizontal directional drilling rigs according to customer requirements and work environment, and provide regular maintenance, system reform, installation and other related services, we would like to save drilling costs and improve customer economic benefits as more as possible.

Drilling mud tanks system

Drilling fluid circulation system of Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Make  Co., Ltd, are good quality at good price, practical is the most advanced feature.

Find the appropriate solution according to your requirements in Tangshan Aojie.

LXJ Series Decanter Centrifuge

LXJ series of Decanting Centrifuge separate the suspending liquid using the principle of centrifugal action, the suspending liquid is pushed into the rotor drum through the inlet pipe and the fluid hole of the spiral feeder.

Under the influence of centrifugal force, solid phase particles are pushed to the internal wall of the drum, then to the nud export of the small end of the drum and excreted. But the liquid is excreted from the overflow hole of the large end. Such cycle is in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

LXJ Decanter centrifuge

Mud decanter centrifuge is typical drilling mud process equipment. It is 4th phase solids control equipment. Usually it’s set behind AJC mud cleaner or desilter. Mainly separate 2~7 microns particles. The complet conveyor and bowl will be made of S.S to provide high resistance for drilling mud.

Furthermore, according to clients’ requirement the drilling mud centrifuge can be designed as VFD type. Permits easy adjustment of bowl, conveyor, and feed pump speeds for varying process conditions and provides torque overload protection.

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Drilling mud cleaner for solids control

History of mud cleaner

Although US Patent No.3,766,997 covering Mud Cleaner was issued on October 23, 1973 granted to J.K. Heilhecker and L.H. Robinson and assigned to Exxon Production Research Company, it was found invalid and efforts for re-issue was unsuccessful because of the existence of prior art filed at the British Patent Office by a German Inventor in the late 1800s.

Nowadays, mud cleaner used in oilfield means the equipment processing drilling mud. It is combined with desander cone and desilter cone as well as bottom shaker. It is called 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipments.


Description of mud cleaner

A mud cleaner is a combination of desanders and/or desilters mounted over a shaker with a fine mesh screen. A mud is fed to the inlet of the hydrocyclone (desander and/or desilter) to separate particles and the underflow passes to the fine screen mesh where in particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a mud cleaner is installed in its mud systems. It is usually located in a mud tank in the same location as with the desilters.

Process flow of mud cleaner

The weighted mud flows to the inlet head section of the desander and/or desilter entering the hydrocyclones for separation of particles. Mud leaving the underflow is further screened with fine mesh to separate larger particles allowing only barite size particles to pass through the screen returning and recovering then the clean mud.

Purpose of mud cleaner

The purpose of the mud cleaner is to remove drilled solids larger than barite. Solids larger than 74-105 micrometres can be removed by the mud cleaner before the viscosity builds up.


Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. OGEM drilling mud cleaners are combined from Desander, Desilter and an Underflow Screen, at the same time

Mud cleaner has the higher cleaning function compared with separated desander and desilter. In addition to the reasonable design process, it equals another shale shaker. OGEM mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupies small space and the function is powerful. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.


Drilling mud Cleaners for drilling fluids solids control:

 Drilling mud cleaner is also called Desander and Desilter assembly, which is the combination of desander, desilter and an underflow screen. Namely, mud cleaners consist of a two-stage separation process using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

Designed to handle the entire circulating volume, Drilling cuttings cleaners are effective on both weighted and unweighted drilling-fluid systems in removing and drying solids while retaining the expensive liquid. The hydrocyclones (desanders and desilters) make the primary separation with underflow directed onto the shaker’s vibrating screen. Used correctly, the drilling mud cleaner lower both drilling-fluid and disposal costs.
In oilfield solids control, drilling mud cleaners are very efficient for oil gas well drilling mud purification system. Mud Cleaners are one of the important equipments for solids liquid separation system.


We are an exporter of drilling mud cleaner for companies all around the world. Our  company is Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 certified. OGEM Solids Control operates waste mud management international sales, service, manufacturing, distribution service.

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The components and purpose of Jet mixer hopper

Jet mixing hopper as the name suggests is a kind of slurry used equipment, the main role  is in the mud mixture of bentonite, medicines, ingredients of the equipment. Jet slurry device works according to the principle of fluid movement, according to the faster flow velocity of fluid in the fluid’s pressure is smaller and slower place because of the pressure to low pressure place movement so mix.


The composition of jet slurry device:

A, Mixed hopper:  Hopper  main effect is put so the material mixed with mud, generally for the bentonite.
Second, Sand pump:  is the main purpose of sand pump slurry for jet device powered device to make mud in the equipment movement.
Three, Electric cabinet: electric cabinet is used to control fluid slurry unit start-stop state of electronic device with sand pump and equipment protection.
Four, Pipe will be mainly used to connect piping sand pump and mud tanks, connection mode mainly for flange connection, accomplished by butt joint of flange connection.
Five, the Base, the base is mainly the above equipment installed on the base and the base installation in say where it is needed.

Jet slurry device mainly is to meet the different drilling depth of drilling fluid increasing and preparation, slurry device consists of one or more sand pump and one or more jetting mixing hopper  with manifold valves together with the use of a device, reliable performance makes it move easily.

1, Jet drilling fluid mixed hopper
Mainly by the nozzle and mixing chamber, and Hadley pipes of feed hopper and butterfly valve.Jet pipe Hadley tube, pipe end is equipped with high-speed drilling fluid jet pumping through the nozzle, the velocity is converted into pressure head, the low pressure area near the nozzle outlet, low pressure around the jet pipe material into the injection fluid absorption, into Hadley pipes, is a deli pipes according to certain surface gradually expand hollow tube and its main effect is to increase the shear stress of liquid in the tube, in order to better dispersion and improve the material mixture liquid pressure head.
2. The vortex flow drilling fluid mixed hopper

Is mainly composed of feed hopper, butterfly gate, mixing barrel, mixing drum and spiral flow of volute.Drilling fluid mixed with slurry pump will be along the tangent direction into the vortex pump volute, vacuum high speed rotary liquid in the volute, will mix material suction and mixes with high-speed rotating flow into the mixing barrel, cavity within the mixing barrel, high-speed rotating flow further material and the mix liquid, and then into the external cavity, ruled out along the tangent direction, to complete a cycle of mixing process, formulate the performance requirements of the drilling fluid.

Swirling mud mixer adopts advanced high speed vortex mixing principle, compared with the traditional jet drilling fluid mixed funnel has the following features:

1, long effective mixing time, mixing effect is good;
2, charging large caliber, not easy jam, feeding speed;
3, to the basic unlimited material particle size, also won’t because of long time stop and blocking solid phase deposition phenomenon;
4, strong adaptability to raw materials and the application range is wide, can be used to mix plugging material.


Drilling fluids in Oilfield system

Drilling fluids for oilfield drilling is rather important. As we know, drilling fluid has many functions to help well drilling get better performance. Please find following information on drilling fluids system.

Drilling fluid raw material

Drilling fluids functions FOR oilfield drilling

1. Bring drilling cuttings out to clean well bottom. Decrease abrasion enhance efficiency

2. Cool down and lubricate drilling bits and pipe. Increase their usable life。

3. Balance well wall pressure. Avoid pollution to oil and gas layer

4. Control ground pressure to prevent blow out and keep drilling fluid out of pollution

5. Make drilling cuttings suspend avoid sticking of tool

6. Transfer hydraulic power efficiently for drilling tools

7. Share partial weight of drilling pipe decrease lifting system load

8. Supply information for drilled site to well logging get detail data in the pit.

9. Drilling fluid hydraulic power to break down stones

Drilling_Fluid material

 What can fluids system do?

The drilling fluids system is also called drilling mud system. For oil drilling, the main function is solids control or separate out drilling cuttings, mix drilling fluid, storage clean mud. Finally make drilling fluid circulated. After system finish purification work the drilling fluid will be clean and high property

Through whole drilling fluids system, we can eliminate invaded gas or natural gas by poor boy degasser. Subsequently, shale shaker will separate particles larger than 100 microns. Usually we’ll use vacuum degasser/gas buster to get rid of less interfused air behind shaker.

Oilfield drilling fluid centrifuge

As per well drilling deeper and deeper the fluid will correspondingly change property.  The hydrocyclone separator will separate finer solid out of drilling mud. Or we combine desander cone, desilter cone, and shaker to be mud cleaner get rid of particles over 12 microns.

In whole drilling fluids system, we request decanter centrifuge for 4th phase solids control. Generally speaking, after centrifuge processing, the drilling mud will be called clean drilling fluid.


As we said just now, the drilling fluids system will provide mix and storage application. Here is coming mud mixing pump, mud agitator, and jet mud gun. For mud mixing we need mixing hopper pump. On storage tank, mud agitator and jet mud gun are mixing equipment. They will be operated together mix drilling fluid keep it suspending.

The above is basic information of drilling fluids system working principle, functions, and whole process. So here come results, drilling fluids system will make drilling fluid purified or recycled. Help oilfield drilling perform better, decrease drilling cost, etc.

Drilling fluids system applications

Except working for O&G drilling rig, fluids system also work for HDD mud recycling, CSM Fluids purification, slurry separation, tunneling, shielding, mining industry, etc.

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Hydrocyclone Desander for OGEM Solids Control

Introduction of desander

Desanders and desilters are drilling rig equipment with a set of hydrocyclones that separates sand and silt from the drilling fluid.

Desander is installed after shakers and degasser but before desilter. Desander removes those abrassive solids from the drilling mud which cannot be removed by shakers. Desilting is employed in dams and lakes.

A centrifugal pump is used to pump drilling fluid through the set of hydrocyclones.


Desander for solids control

Desander has no moving parts. The larger the internal diameter of the desander is, the greater the amount of drilling fluids it is able to process and the larger the size of the solids removed.

Desander (10 inches (250 mm) cone) are able to remove 50% of solids within the 40-50 μm (micrometre) range at a flow rate of 500 US gallons per minute (32 L/s), while desilter (4 inches (100 mm) Cone) are able to remove 50% of solids within the 15-20 μm range at a flow rate of 60 US gallons per minute (3.8 L/s). Micro fine separators are able to remove 50% of solids within the 10-15 μm range at a flow rate of 15 US gallons per minute (0.95 L/s).

旋转 DSCI0087_旋转_副本

Desander is typically positioned next-to-last in the arrangement of solids control equipment, with decanter centrifuge as the subsequent processing unit. Desander is preceded by gas busters, gumbo removal equipment (if utilized), shale shaker, mud cleaner (if utilized) and vacuum degasser. Desander is widely used in oilfield drilling.


OGEM CSQ Series Desander

CSQ series desander is the second class and the third class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluid. According to the size of the cone diameter, it is divided into Desander and Desilter.

Usually the cone diameter is more than 6″is called Desander, and used as the second-control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly used 8 “and 10″ cones desander to separate solid-phase particle size 47-76μm in the drilling fluids.


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Single screw pump suppliers from China

 Introduction and Definition

screw pump is a positive displacement pump that use one or several screws to move fluids or solids along the screw(s) axis. In its simplest form (the Archimedes’ screw pump), a single screw rotates in a cylindrical cavity, thereby moving the material along the screw’s spindle.

This ancient construction is still used in many low-tech applications, such as irrigation systems and in agricultural machinery for transporting grain and other solids.


Development of Screw pump

Development of the screw pump has led to a variety of multiple-axis technologies where carefully crafted screws rotate in opposite directions or remains stationary within a cavity. The cavity can be profiled, thereby creating cavities where the pumped material is “trapped”.

In offshore and marine installations, a three spindle screw pump is often used to pump high pressure viscous fluids. Three screws drive the pumped liquid forth in a closed chamber. As the screws rotate in opposite directions, the pumped liquid moves along the screws spindles.

Three-Spindle screw pumps are used for transport of viscous fluids with lubricating properties. They are suited for a variety of applications such as fuel-injection, oil burners, boosting, hydraulics, fuel, lubrication, circulating, feed and so on.


Difference between other pumps

Compared to centrifugal pumps, positive displacements (PD) pumps have several advantages. The pumped fluid is moving axially without turbulence which eliminates foaming that would otherwise occur in viscous fluids.

They are also able to pump fluids of higher viscosity without losing flow rate. Also, changes in the pressure difference have little impact on PD pumps compared to centrifugal pumps.


OGEM Benefits

The single screw pump is made from stainless steel, we OGEM can produce it with complete stainless steel body by customers’ requirements. AJL series screw pump is with less accessories, compact structure, small space, easy maintenance, rotor and stator are wear parts of this pump, it is convenient to be replaced.

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JBQ Series Mud agitator’s features and advantages

JBQ Series Mud agitator

A mud agitator is used in surface mud systems to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system.

A mechanical agitator is driven by an explosion-proof motor, coupled to a gear box that drives the impeller shaft. The impellers (turbines) transform mechanical power into fluid circulation or agitation. The objective is to obtain a uniform suspension of all solids.


The Introduction of Mud Agitator

Mud agitator plays an important part for solids control system, so does it to oil drilling. It is a kind of solid-liquid mixing equipment which is widely used in mud purification system in oil fields and mineral pits.

The reducer of slurry blender uses screw rod driving system, which is round-bread arcograph and columnar. Its structure is simple and the design is reasonable. The carrying capacity of reducer is higher 30% than the simple, the driving efficiency reaches 75%.Its performance is reliable, lower noise and long service life.

Technique parameters of OGEM mud agitator













Shaft length


Impeller type

Customizable on layer and blade appearance



Impeller diameter



When shaft is over 1700mm there will be shaft stabilizer

The advantages of JBQ series mud agitator

1. JBQ series mud agitator are adopted the circular cylindrical worm reducer; shaft cross section is a circular arc cylindrical worm gear which with turbine and turbine phase conjugating. The concave and convex teeth are reliable in performance, high efficiency and a compact structure.

2. JBQ Series mud agitator motor can be placed horizontally and vertically.

3. Adaptable for different application.

4. JBQ Series mud agitator are combined by reducer and? explosion proof motor which is easy maintenance and suitable for? using under harsh field conditions.

5. Longer usable life on motor and gear box

6. When JBQ series mud agitator is stirring, it is in a heavy intensity and with wide spreading range or even reducing the starting resistance distance.

7. Require less space and easy to handle.

8. High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature.

OGEM mud agitator is for drilling mud mixing, and can keep drilling mud suspension but not precipitate. The mud agitators which are offered by OGEM equipment are with good quality and competitive price.

Mud Agitator

Specification of mud agitator

  • Low ?profile design to allow for positioning mud conditioning equipment over mud tank.


  • Lightweight , while, sturdy construction with the highest torque rating in the industry. Example: 15 hp KOE Agitator weighs 246.4 kg compared to industry average of 831.8 kg) for competitive units (excluding shaft and impeller in weight comparison).


  • Available in 10, 15 & 20 hp models .?Oversized shaft bearings are used for longer gearbox life and lower maintenance requirements.Electric motors of ogem mud agitator: ZONE 1 & ZONE 2 and gas group I, II and II B , flame -proof electric motors are available in 50 or 60 hz.?All internal shafts are heat treated and ground for high loading capacity. No grease fittings. All internal TMLL bearings run in oil.Cast iron housings are one-piece, reinforced and ribbed for extra strength.


  • Detachable impeller shaft for ease of servicing without disassembling unit.?Simple mounting. Agitator base rests on tanks structural cross beams held by six bolts.?Designed for a maximum 20 lb/gal (2.4 specific gravity) drilling mud.


  • Gear box coupled to agitator shaft with solid shaft to shaft coupling ensuring perfect alignment.?Robust 4 blade Canted impeller for balanced load distribution


Typical C face motor installation
Small footprint without skid
Helical-Bevel gearbox
Motor can be horizontal or vertical
Benefits of? ogem mud agitator

Longer usable life on motor and gear box
Require less space also easy to handle
High efficiency, low noise, low operating temperature
Adaptable for different application

Two brand agitators

JBQ Mud agitator/mixer can be used widely in various applications. Including drilling mud mixture, chemical agitating, food or beverage, etc. It will be mounted on mud tanks or set right overmud pit. The mud agitator will help mix subject with powerful rate. To select mud agitator should know the processed subject, the tank dimension (including length, width, height). Then we’ll get proper horse power, shaft length and impeller type.

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Shearing pump for solids control from OGEM Equipment


JQB series Shearing Pump

JQB series Shearing Pump is a kind of new tape equipment which provides the fast configuration and treatment mud for the users. The users satisfy with configuration high performance mud. This series Shearing Pump can mix effectively and hydrate completely the material added in the drilling fluid, save the mud material, reduce the time of configuration, and provide the high performance mud for the?well drilling.

Shearing Pump


  • Sufficient power and pressure
  • Small footprint
  • Break down drilling mud block
  • High quality raw material
  • Excellent dilution and hydration ability


  • Make drilling fluid transfer effectively
  • Use less space, get more effective tank capacity
  • Get more even drilling fluid
  • Durable and low cost on maintenance
  • Save much cost on drilling mud cost
    Technique parameters


JQB 6545

JQB 6535

Flow rate

120 m3/h

100 m3/h














Shearing pump for drilling fluids solids control

JQB series Shearing Pump is a special purpose equipment of solids control system which can meet all customers? requirements of preparing drilling fluid for the well drilling. This shearing pump manufactured by OGEM Company is used to treat the high property mud, make the mud to obtain good rheological properties and cut the drilling cost as much as possible. This ideal solids control equipment designed by OGEM?s engineers has?high performance and gained customer?s high evaluation.


China manufacturer OGEM Solids Control offers the world with drilling shearing pump equipments. We are an exporter of drilling fluid shearing pump for Indian, Russian, and the Middle East etc. Oilfield Company of the Turkey Venezuela, Indonesia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Morocco and Century Int’l Oilfield Equipments LLC of the United Arab Emirates etc. Our company is Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 certified.


OGEM Solids Control operates international oil gas drilling mud separation system sales, service, manufacturing, distribution service. You can contact us for the detailed information when you need.