A Drilling Mud Solids Control System Contains Five Stages

It’s well know that solids content has influence on drilling process. Then, how to make the oil or gas drilling process better? The answer definitely is using solids control system to control the solid content. But what is the solids control? Let’s have a look together.
According to the different medium, mud is divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and emulsion mud. According to the need of different strata and drilling design, reasonably select drilling mud system is a necessary condition for fast, high quality, safe drilling.

Drilling Mud Solids Control System

Solids control is a technique used in a drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface. Normally, a solids control system contains five stages: the mud tank, oilfield drilling shale shakervacuum degasserdesanderdesilter, and centrifuge. The shale shaker is used to separate big solids with diameter above 76μm, the desander addresses solids from 47-76μm, and the desilter segregates solids between 12-47μm. Sometimes the desander and desilter are combined as one high efficiency mud cleaner. When air enters the drilling fluids, a vacuum degasser is used to separate the air. If no air is found in the mud, the degasser would work as a big agitator. All these stages are mounted on the top of the mud tank. After separating the solids, the clean mud can be pumped into the borehole again.

Shale shaker, hydrocyclones and oilfield decanter centrifuge are three essential solids control equipment in the process of drilling, play very important roles in solids control if reasonably combined, can use chemical flocculation mud to make solids control more effective in order to ensure the safety, high quality and fast drilling mud performance. Comparative analysis of the working principle, cleaning efficiency, scope use of the solids control equipment, select solids control equipment according to the specific requirements of solids control process parameters are calculated, to achieve the best matching effect.

The solid phase in mud is divided into active and inert or useful and useless, reasonable mud solid content in slurry can make the drilling speed to achieve the best effect; reasonable control of mud solid type can make the mud properties to achieve the best effect.

It is mainly used to improve the quality of materials, machining process, machining precision of general matching oil drilling mud equipment.

Choose right mud solids control equipments

How to choose right mud solids control equipment?

How to choose right Mud recycling system,manufacturer?

Sometimes, buyers for mud solids control equipment(Mud recycling system) don’t know how to choose right equipment for their mud solids control system.Or don’t know which manufacture is right for them. Yes,it is not a very easy thing.

How do you know which manufacturer & size mud solids control system(mud recycling system) is the right one for you?

There is certain information that you need in order to make a well informed decision before you cut the check on buying this big ticket item.

The factors that you should consider when sizing a mud system are:

1) . The capacity of the system or capacity of the pump(m³/h or GPM);

2) .Type of drilling rig you will be using;

3) . The length of your bore ;

4) .The type of solids(mud),i mean WBM or OBM;

5) . The tank volume,size,how to place you will need;

6) . The electric system 380V,50Hz or 460V,60Hz;

7) . Do you need trip tank,mud gas separater etc;

8) . Do you have transportion limit to the cargo or track;

9) .Do you want to recycling barite.

These points should be consider by buyers.

And then tell these answers to supplier,all or parts will be fine.

These information will help supplier to design and manufacture suitable equipments & system for you.

If you just find this mud solids control equipment,please contact OGEM Solids Control,welcome inquiry!

How to Choose a Decanter Centrifuge for Barite Recovery

Barite, also called Baryte, or (BaSO4) is a mineral consistingof barium sulfate. As per statistic, 77% of worldbarite are used in oil and gas drilling as a weighted agent added to thedrilling fluid. It can give functions to suppress high formation pressures andprevent blowouts. Usually, for rig systems largerthan 1500HP, barite become a must adding agent.

Since barite is an expensive agent used fordrilling mud, to recover and reuse it becomes very important. And a best solution is a decanter centrifuge.


OGEM Solids Control is professional indesigning and manufacturing solids control and waste management decanter centrifuges, And OGEM has several optional decanter centrifuges for customers to choose from.

Based on characters of Barite, the diameter of Barite particle is around 7 micrometers. For recovery Barite needs a medium decanter centrifuge with rotation speed from 1600rpm to 2200rpm.

May you have more question about barite recovery or question about solids control & drilling waste management,please contact us.

How to choose right Mud solids control equipment?

Cones (Hydrocyclone) 

Cones also called hydrocyclone. It is depending on the size of the mud solids control system you choose, the cone size will either be 4, 5, 10 or 12 inch.The size of 4″and 10″ are popular size in this field.


Each size cone has a micron cut point, which is the size of the smallest particle that the cone can pull out. The 4″ and 5″ cones have a micron cut of 20 microns and the 10″ and 12″ have a 74 micron cut.

Hydrocyclone cones process the drilling fluid at a rate of 50-75GPM with the 4″ cones,400-528GPM with the 10″ cones. Cones need pressure to work properly. A normal operating pressure range for 4″ and 5″ cones is 30 to 40 psi(0.2-0.3MPA), 10″ and 12″ cones is 23 to 35 psi(0.16-0.25MPA).


The materials of cones(hydrocyclone) is high quality polyurethane.It is longer using life,but it is still is wearing parts.


If you have specially requirements,should be ask to supplier.


Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Eequipment Make Co.,Ltd as a professional supplier of drilling mud solids control equipments and spare parts,welecome to contact us.

Decanter centrifuge for drilling mud system and drilling waste management

Drilling fluid decanter centrifuge has different functions when it works in different

conditions. As for oil and energy field, we usually use decanter centrifuge for drilling mud

system and drilling waste management.

Decanter Centrifuge for drilling mud system:

In drilling mud system, drilling decanter centrifuge is used in separating suspension of

solid phase with particle diameter ≥ 2μ m for drilling mud system. In an addition to shakers

and hydrocyclones, the use of a high-speed centrifuge has significantly contributed to the

ability of a drilling operation to reduce the amount of mud to be built and diesel/barite

additions to maintain optimum low and high gravity solids proportions.

Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Waste Management:

Decanter centrifuge as well as the high speed for separation fine solids which can meet

your applications for drilling waste management.You can use the centrifuge for polishing

the drilling fluids recovered from the Vertical Cutting Dryer and send it back to active mud tanks.

Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Waste Management

OGEM Solids Control, as a professional solids control system and decanter centrifuge

manufacturer in China, obtains much experience in designing & manufacturing all these

mud recycling system, such as shale shaker, desander, desilter,mud cleaner, centrifuge,

mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, etc. and have exported to many countries & obtain

good reputation with qualified products & superior service.

OGEM Solids Control mainly targets its products and services to

1. Drilling fluids services companies;

2. Drilling companies: oil & gas drilling companies, coalbed gas drilling companies,

horizontal directional crossing companies, themal drilling companies, water wells drilling

companies, mineral exploration companies, piling and shield construction units;

3. Rig companies: oil & gas drilling rig companies, coalbed gas and horizontal directional

drilling rig manufacture companies or sets sales companies;

4. Oil companies;

5. Oil & gas services companies;

6. Mud tank manufacturers:

7. Trading companies, other concerned equipment manufacturer in the industry, etc.


The Basic Processing Industry in the Non Excavation of Mud

Mud flow controlled should in accordance with the geological condition. Drilling process control good guide hole in the mud flow is the key to avoid the mud spillover. If the drill hole orientation do not appear and have the slurry phenomenon, then reaming, dragged back probability of oozing slurry is very low, because, the guide hole is completed, the pressure on both sides of the balance point, unearthed, mud flow and soil on both sides, in the region through the axis through the risk slurry will be reduced accordingly.

Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the mud pump capacity must be based on geological reasonable control, because of the shallow geological generally backfill soil or backfill garbage, very soft, compactness is poor.Therefore, reduce the mud pressure below 2Mpa, and according to the bit used to reduce the size of the mud flow, sometimes flow only 150 liters / minute is enough, we must try to avoid the mud discharge excessive pressure caused by excessive oozing slurry, pollution to the construction area.

1.Equipped with perfect fluid circulation and cleaning treatment and recovery system, reducing the consumption of mud;

2.Return to the mud pool using mud cleaning recovery system of mud sand removal and a series of purification treatment, the mud recycling to control the amount of mud;

3.Application of solidification technology, which is to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

OGEM Solids Control produce solids control equipments which widely used in non excavation industry.


The Installation and Use of Vacuum Degasser

1.Exhaust pipe shall be installed at the air inlet screen (40 ~ 60),which is to prevent the

granular objects into the vacuum pump.

2.Checking before starting

3.Drilling must be installed before the good debugging.

4.Installation requirements for stationary, connection, reliable fastening; exhaust outlet

according to well control requirements connected with a safe position outside the site.

A. Drainage pipe and the suction pipe end while immersed in a mud pool.

B.Rotation to the machine, vacuum pump and main motor should be consistent with the label direction;

C. Rotation coupling for several weeks, which is to determine not stuck or other damage to the phenomenon of pump.

D.Open valve vacuum pump water supply pipeline, then open the gas water separator on the plug and fill the water


Use:It must be off the pump and the gas water separator water.

1.Before enter into the reservoir, must guarantee the normal operation.

2.Every week must open the test run time, prepare maintenance.


When working, should always check the vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator valve so that

the information listed below to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Vacuum degasser  play a important role in returning mud proportion and stabilize mud

performance in solids control system and drilling waste management. It also can be used

as a h-power agitator and applicable to all types of mud recycling system and mud cleaning system.

vacuum degasser

The Installation of the Mud Tank

Drilling fluid solid control equipment mainly have shale shaker ,vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud gas separator, mud agitator and so on.

The mud tank is suitable for oil drilling mud purification processing and storage which Can

the drilling fluid purification by recycling the mud tank treatment, improving the level

crossing rate, reduce the wear of slurry pump, drill pipe, drill, save materials, drilling cost,

Protect environment, mud tank for the user to bring considerable economic benefits.


The mud tank installation: firstly processing seamless steel pipe casing, the length of the

anchor bolt 1/3, diameter of about 6~8 times the bolt, one end of the bushing is a steel

ring, steel ring diameter equal to the outer diameter of casing, slightly around the anchor

bolt diameter, then the sleeve into anchor bolt, casing. Steel ring welded with bolts, ensure

that the center line and the upper end of the anchor bolt casing of vertical anchor bolts it is

higher than the casing end. The anchor bolts assembled into the basic reserved hole, the

equipment foundation board or joint hoisting equipment on the cement foundation.

More info about OGEM Mud Tank or solids control equipments,pls feel free to contact us.


Do you know of origin of Shale Shaker


In the 1930s, the early system of solids control was used. It started with the shale shaker. As the primary stage,drilling shale shaker  removes solids from drilling fluid with gravity and vibrating working principle. Shale shakers are set with durable steel screens to filter unwanted materials from drilling fluids.

The modern solids control process has had many machines, systems and other parts. The most essential solids control machines include shale shaker, mud desander, oilfield desilter and decanter centrifuge. Due to solids control measure, bore drilling has become far more economical as the drilling solution is reused.

Drilling fluid shale shaker

OGEM Solids Control highly promotes linear motion shale shaker, which is regarded to be effective to deal with heavy and high-volume solids from drilling mud. Shale shaker is the solids control equipment with feeders, which can be weir feeders or box feeders. OGEM Solids Control shale shaker feeders come in weir type, box type and bucket type. The weir type and box type feeders are mainly used to buffer the flow rate of drilling fluids, and evenly distribute the fluids onto the screens to reduce the impact of drilling fluids, as well as extend the service life of screen so as to improve the treatment effect.

In order to ensure the process, drilling mud shale shaker can generate powerful G-force, maximum to 7.4G. Such shale shaker has effective vibrating motion and could quickly remove the dense solids from screens and particles from wells.


How does an oilfield decanter centrifuge work

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge is widely used in oil and gas drilling, chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, mineral beneficiation, water treatment and many industries. You may think it is an ordinary machine. If you know of the usage of decanter centrifuge in oil drilling field, you can know what an important role it has.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge adopts centrifugal force to separate solid particles out of drilling fluids. The working principle seems to be easy. Actually, it is a complex process. The equipment is set with electronic box generating high-speed centrifugal force, which can speed up the setting velocity of particles in fluids and make the separation of particles with different sedimentation coefficient and buoyant density. The particle discharge is finished by the propeller. Under the action of the differential gear, the screw propeller and the drum form a certain speed difference. Settled particle on the inner wall of the roller is scrapped from the cylinder wall, down by helical blade into the small end of drum, and dehydration. Finally, the particles reach to the sand discharging nozzle, and was thrown into the drum. This drilling mud process from decanter centrifuge is finished.

Oilfield decanter centrifuge is applied to separate the particles or solids with different size and density in the different density and flow speed. The exact process is hard to imagine, while it is really useful. Due to the kind of oilfield solids control equipments, drilling fluids can be changed in an optimal condition, which is good to the drilling rigs and projects.