Common Problems and Possible Cause of Drilling Desilter

Oilfield drilling desilter is the third stage of oilfield solids control equipment.

In oilfield solids control system,the solids with diameter ranging from 12 to 47

μm are to be separated from the rest,which will go through further processing.

The Oilfield drilling desilter is the third stage equipment in the whole drilling mud

system, at the same time, it is an important device, too. Let’s see some common

problems and solutions for that .

Common Problems

(1) Repeated plugging of Apex in all cones.

(2) One or more cones plugging while others are working normally.

(3) Cones are loosing whole mud in stream.

(4) Solids content in cone overflow continues to increase over time.

(5) The underflow discharge is very dry.

(6) Hydrocyclones leak between the cone nut and body, but no fluid is coming out of the bottom.

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