Mud Drilling Equipments-JBQ Series Mud Mixer

JBQ series mud mixer,is combine venturi tube and jet nozzle into a new type of jet injector device, not only has simple structure, but a strong feasibility.
JBQ series slurry device is mainly used to formulate or increase the amount of drilling fluid, the special equipment to change density of drilling fluid viscosity and water features.
To change the drilling fluid properties, first need to put drilling fluid materials (bentonite and barite powder, etc.) and the corresponding chemical additives (polymer, etc.) into circulation tank. If direct investment can lead to drilling fluid material and chemical mixed unevenly, which seriously affect the quality of the drilling fluid
The slurry device is with oil drilling solid control system supporting the use of a device, it can meet the 1500 meters to 6000 meters the deterioration of the drilling fluid and drilling solid control system configuration, JBQ series slurry unit is composed of a sand pump and a jetting mixing funnel connected with manifold valve installed on a base of safe and reliable performance, easy to move.


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