How to maintain the Vacuum Degasser accurately ?

Knowing how to use a vacuum degasser surely is important, while the maintenance of the vacuum degasser is equally essential. Here are some tips for maintaining this kind of solids control equipment.

vacuum degasser

1. Vacuum tank cover of vacuum degasser should be cleaned once a week, to avoid blocking the gas channel. The gas collecting chamber and the foam separator on the top cover can be washed with clean water. Rinse off the vacuum line, remove the screw plug and a table seat, insert high pressure pipe 3~5 minutes each time.

2. After use, should wash the rotor and the suction pipe in the vacuum tank. Cut off the power supply, remove the apparent blocking plate (and oval flange block plate), check if the parts are damaged, and remove the foreign matter in tank body, wash the tank wall and the rotor by using high-pressure pipe.

3. each time finish drilling shall do the cleaning work to ensure the normal use next time.

4. working environment temperature of vacuum degasser is higher than 30℃, should always check the vacuum gauge, the replacement of steam water separator in the water in time,keep the water temperature does not exceed 35℃

5. after use in winter, should promptly release the water in steam separator and pump to prevent cracking.

vacuum degasser

Pay attention to the maintenance the mud solids control equipment in solids control system is very important. On the one hand, the drilling can proceed successful. On the other hand, the cost will be reduced.

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