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Choke/Kill hoses


  • choke-hose

AJCK Choke hose

Description:Choke and kill hoses with high pressure and heat-insulation.

High pressure-resistant
Optional connectors
API 16C certified items
International advanced Vulcanize entire ending
Free resistance force pipe

More safe and adaptable at well drilling jobsite
Flexible and convenient for customized demand
Quality guarantee and ensurance
More durable at hazardous oilfield
Long usable life

Choke hose for oilfield also can be called chokeline hose, kill hose, or flexible choke line, kill line, etc. Choke hoses are widely used to connect parts after drilling platform or semisubmersible drilling vessel’s relative motion. Chokeline hose can transfer oil, gas, drilling fluid ect subject under high pressure.

At oil drilling job site, they mainly used to connect internal and external BOP flexible hose. Also connect mud gas separator and choke manifold. The kill hoses are high pressure-resistant, heat-insulation, refractory and inflaming retarding. Its inside is extra abraion-resistant steel pipe

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