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Two sets of Desilters has been shipped to Korea

We got the order of two sets of desilters from Korea customer on the last month, after 40 days manufacturering, they has been shipped to Xin’gang Port. These two are made as the per requirements by our customer.
The desilters are combined of shale shaker(1st phase)and desander、desilter (2nd and 3rd phase)which are the solids control equipment in drilling mud processing.


The desilter model AJQ703/8N is with two 2×1.5kW motors, with 8pcs of 4’’hydroclones , the feeding pump is 30KW,model is SB5x4-13. The capacity of the desilter is 80-100m3/h.


pumpsAnd the The desilter model AJQ703/10N is with two 2×1.5kWmotors, with 10 pcs of 4’’hydroclones , the feeding pump is 37KW,model is SB5x4-14. The capacity of the desilter is 100-120m3/h.

The desilters cover small space、reliable operation、high efficiency and convenient maintenance etc. It is one of the ideal solids control equipments.

hydrocycloneWe OGEM solids control deals with the drilling mud process system, which includes shale shaker, desilter, desander, decanter centrifuge , mud cleaner and so on, if you have any demands about these products, please contact us.

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