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Foreign custmers’ customized LJB Vertical mud agitator is already finish the production, and arranged shipment.

Vertical Mud agitator


This type mud agitator is according to custmers’ requirement designed and produced, motor is 7.5KW, double impeller. The above impeller is inclined blade, for the below is straight blade type. Above impeller will gain mud pressure on work, the straight blade provide thrust, which making the vane of mud more uniform, and not easy to grit. Mud agitator is the commonly used equipment in drilling solid control system, usually in the above of mud tank (circulating mud tank, feeding tank, medicine tank).Mud agitator is used to prevent drilling fluid solid phase particle from deposition in the tank circulation system, making the circulating drilling fluid performance stable, mixed evenly. My company’s technical engineers, according to the particularity of the customer site, make the special design on the stirring shaft and blade.




Tangshan Aojie Petroleum Machinery Make Co., Ltd is the professional manufactory of Horizontal and Vertical mud agitators. Our products is with reliable quality, good operation performance. Our company is in line with the integrity-based business philosophy, to provide high quality products, professional technical support, welcome the masses of customers to choose.

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