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Mud agitator to Inner Mongolia

Mud agitator for this Inner Mongolia client is finished within 10 days. This client is a water well drilling contractor. They presently have one mud pit to get better mud property they ordered this mud agitator

Presently, most mud agitator are in-link type. However, this agitator for them is customized with coupling connection.
In fact, OGEM Equipment has sufficient stock material. This mud agitator totally took 10 days for manufacture. We know client need it urgently, OGEM did best to cater client’s requirements?


This client is introduced by another former user. In near future, this client will come to our plant discuss some technique information on drilling mud solids control system for their water well drilling project

OGEM Equipment welcome both domestic and overseas clients to visist us.

  • Updating:2013-09-12 10:11